A different sort of birthday…

It’s that time of year again when I add another year to my already pretty big pile! I am now officially IN my 30’s!

My birthday wish this year was to do the Christmas thing; put up the tree, visit Santa and generally just make the house sparkle! Hubby always has a little moan about it and this year I just wanted to spend it together making some Christmas memories!

After a little sleep in this morning I was woken with coffee and some lovely presents from some special people!

We spent a lovely afternoon walking around a shopping centre seeing Santa’s grotto, got to ride on a carousel like a princess in a carriage, rode a mini train and managed to get a photo of all 3 little monkeys with Santa!

Mulled wine warming on the stove we broke open the box of decorations and the tree. Dad decided to do some lamb chops on the BBQ so was standing in the freezing cold around the fire with the little man all bundled up (man I wish my house had a fire place!!) whilst Jenna, my mom and I put up the sparkly bits, dodging Tamsin as she tried to pull down the tree!

All in all a lovely birthday weekend has been had; definitely one filled with lots of precious memories! Next year has a lot to live up to!


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