A time for giving and giving back…

The whole commercial Christmas thing really gets me a bit wound up.  Now I love Christmas and have nothing against starting a little early but the whole reason behind Christmas just seems to get lost in the manic rush to spend money on stuff! A lot of stuff that a lot of people probably won’t even use again!

With my kids growing up in gift mania that seems to be Christmas now a days I’m trying to find ways to make it mean that little bit more cause if Jenna had her way it would all be about the presents!

Christmas is after all a religious festival about the birth of our Saviour and as such needs to (in my house anyway) revolve around that! But regardless of whether you believe or not Christmas is a time for family, love and giving – not only of gifts either!

Today the children, my mom and I are going to go through all the kids toys and they need to select 2-3 toys that they don’t use all that often and they think other children will like to give to the local children’s charity shop.  They also collected some money on a walk with the child minder to use towards giving a “Good gift“.  The child minder has also put the money she would have spent buying each of the children gifts towards this fund and together all the children will decide what to donate their money towards.

I’d love to give some other little gifts for the kids to share with others. Things like taking a big bag of home-baked Christmas cookies to the old age home around the corner or doing some other good deed; cleaning or sweeping someones icy walk way (maybe we’ll get hubby to do that!).

Let’s make this a season for giving and not just receiving… anyone else got good ideas of gifts to give??

6 thoughts on “A time for giving and giving back…

  1. Did I write this post?

    We stopped 10 years ago with the gratuitous gift gifting. The children now receive one gift and the magic of Christmas has come back to them because of it. They are excited and intrigued about what the gift will be. They have no peer pressure problems and are quite proud to tell the story of the day Mum Took A Stand.

    Some of the pebbles that led me there?

    Finding a bag of ‘stuff’ 9 months on from Christmas and the children had not even noticed some of the Christmas gifts were missing;

    Christmas gifts had to be opened over several days; then a week; then two weeks because there were so many; and

    The children sitting in the middle of discarded wrapping paper and ‘stuff’ now barely opening the packets fully before charging onto the next one.

    Nope something had to give – and it did.

    Great post.

  2. Hi Mavis – Every year I rack my brains about how I can make Christmas presents like our mum’s did back in the day and every year I leave it to the last minute and end up in the malls buying them. Do you remember the pink jammies that Mum made for all us girls one year? They were so sweet and I absolutely loved them and it did not faze me for one second that they were homemade. I hope I can get closer to this way of giving one day. So maybe next year…. 🙂 Lots of love Mel

  3. I’m not Christian, but to me Christmas is still a time for family, for enjoying each other, and taking time to really appreciate what we have in each other. I had loads and loads of gifts at Christmas as a child, which I’m sure was really hard on my mum’s finances, and to be honest I didn’t really appreciate them as much as I should. My children still get quite a few gifts from relatives, although I do encourage relatives to buy things that are practical and fun, rather than just endless toys. From me and their father they just get one gift and they always really appreciate them.

    I’d love to give something back – I particularly like the idea of baking for the elderly, and I do make rather fabulous mince pies if I say so myself – so I might look into local care homes and ask if they’d like something like that. Thanks for this post and encouraging me to do something like this!

  4. Great post. I must admit I go a bit OTT on presents, but I think that’s because my kids are so young and I’, still over excited by it all, but the magic of Christmas, and the significance of the day is certainly the important bit and I will make sure they know all about that and why we celebrate Christmas. I love to give to other especially those who really need it. I have also gone through my childrens toys and have given a whole box away as well as many clothes that have been outgrown but will be perfect for other children. It’s so important to love the giving of gifts xx

  5. There are so many lovely ideas in this post. The extreme commercialism of Christmas does not sit well with me and you’ve provided a few wonderful suggestions on how to make a few small changes that can make a big difference. xo

    • So glad you found the post helpful! We had a lovely smaller than normal Christmas and it was just as special if not more so than usual! Hope you had a great one too!

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