Ironing is bad for your health!

I always knew there was a good reason why ironing was bad for my health and this week I was proved correct!

With small kids the list of what to child proof and how to do it is endless! Remove all cords, cover plug sockets, stair gates up, non slip rugs, chemicals up high blah blah blah…. the droning continues!

No one however gives you a list of ways to protect her home from some idiot grown ups!

There are many stories about how people have died from everyday objects in the home – falling into the recycling bin, getting all tangled up in the clothes dryer and golf clubs!

I chatted to a lovely lady this week who after ironing her shirt for work was folding up the ironing board in a hurry and got it stuck! She struggled to close it and with one last attempt pulled it really hard together to try unjam it and hit herself in the head on both sides with it!! She now suffers permanent memory loss and brain trauma!

You see sometimes it’s right to listen to that little voice in your head telling you to “avoid ironing at all costs”!!!

Vindicated! At last!!


6 thoughts on “Ironing is bad for your health!

  1. Oh my gosh, poor lady. Thank goodness I retired my ironing board a few months ago – my thinking: winter jumpers naturally look less crumpled than summer t-shirts.

    Someone died falling into a recycling bin??! Again, glad I don’t have a recycling bin. I recycle, yes, but haven’t bothered buying a separate bin – it’s all in a huge pile in the corner of my kitchen! But hooray for saving my life through these acts of laziness!

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