The 3rd slapper snap!

In absence of everything anything else I need to do with my time I still manage to find a couple of minutes hours to play work on picnik!

Seriously don’t do it, don’t try it, it steals time and leaves your house looking like a bomb has hit it (or maybe just 3 toddlers)!! It’s addictive and (have I said it before) a time thief!

I do love having a little space every week however to show some of wasted time talent so thank you fivegoblogging for the inspiration! Head on over to see some more talent on her linky!

The original

Edit 1….

Edit 2!!

What good fun! Although hubby keeps telling me to “stop pimping my son”!!

Now go see the rest of the snap slappers!


8 thoughts on “The 3rd slapper snap!

    • Ah thanks… he is just too gorgeous (biased obviously)!!! Coincidentally saw the hat in H&M the day before and considered getting him one – might just have to bulk out his stocking with a sneaky new purchase!

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