Tuesday truth…more capable than?

I don’t know about you but when I think about my children one of the first things I think of is how much potential they have (I know I might be biased but I don’t think so!). There is no limit to what they can do with their lives. Every day I’m amazing at some new skill they’re just learned and how quickly they pick up new things.

I think about what I can show/teach them next, what area’s I want to encouraging them in and what lesson’s I would like to organise for them to take part in to gain new skills.

I have total confidence in their ability to try to practice and then master new skills.  Why then don’t I have that same confidence in myself in trying and practicing and mastering new skills.  When did I stop learning and trying new things.  When did I stop encouraging ourselves to go out and start something new. When did we/I start putting myself at the bottom of the list when it comes to doing extra curricular lessons or activities and finding time to try new things!

For me it was having kids and the chaos and lack of time that goes with it, I think it is for a lot of people.

There are so many new things I have found myself capable of doing in the last year.  From getting out the sewing machine and actually using it, to starting a blog, to doing a talk, making some hand-made Christmas trinkets and somehow managing to wrangle 3 young kids into some sort of routine and life!

Looking back over the past year has made me realise how much more capable I am than I thought. It makes me want to go out and try new things and pick up some old things that I dropped years ago!

The truth I’ve realised this week is that God sees all the potential within us and knows we are capable of great things.  That He wants us to go out and try new things and step out in confidence.

Life is so much more exciting when we take chances! Sometimes the chances pay off and we actually succeed.  But the fun’s in the trying and finding out!

What chances are you wanting to take… new things, old things or just random things I’d love to hear about them!!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday truth…more capable than?

  1. You say it so well Kerry. I think that mom’s too often put themselves at the bottom of the priority list but this is teaching your children to put you there too. Children learn so much more by watching whats happening around them. Go out and learn that new thing! I always tell the parents in my class that it is important to remember that you were 1st a woman, then a wife and then a mother and all 3 of those aspects of who you are deserve time.

    • Thanks Jen! I think we get so caught up in our “new role” and figuring out how to be the best at it we can that we forget that we need to be “the best we can be in ourselves first” in order to give of our best to our kids! Everyday is a learning curve eh!
      Thanks for logging on to comment!
      Lots love!!!

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