Make do and make a gift

We have a 1st birthday party tomorrow. It’s not a big party and I’ve been told not to bring a gift. BUT you can’t go to a party without a gift… and it’s a 3rd baby who already has everything she needs and more.

I was a little lost for inspiration after all the Christmas gift organising. Something not too expensive, not clothes and not something already owned by big sister and brother! Seriously I walked around in my lunch hour at work and couldn’t find anything remotely appropriate (or under £10)!!

And so as usual I decided to try to make do with something we already had!

Thanks to some more Kirsty Allsop inspiration I decided to try some free hand machine sewing (unfortunately not with the right machine attachments but it still worked!). There are also some similar pictures in our church toilet which prompted this attempt!

I have to say I’m pretty happy with it… it could be neater (the right machine foot would help) but overall a second-hand frame (painted white) together with some old scraps of material and an hour of my time is all this cost me to make!

Not the greatest photo ever but you get the idea (maybe I should have tried to Picnik it!!!)

It was great fun tho, no having to sew in straight lines and just doing what ever you want!

It’s not perfect … but it’s personal and in my mind at least that makes it mean a little more!


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