To Ho Ho or not Ho Ho… that is the question!?!?

With the littlies growing up and starting to ask questions about a certain man in a red suit there has been a bit a discussion recently in our house.

The question?  To Santa or not to Santa?

I have to say it never crossed my mind not to Santa! I always loved the “magic” that it brought! The imagination and excitement it inspires. Yes there’s a reason for the reason and that never forgotten in the fun!

Jenna’s prayer last night: “thank you God for Jesus and His birthday at Christmas and that father Christmas can come celebrate!”.

Weighing up in the other corner is honesty, focusing on the reason for the reason only and never lying to your children.

And there we have it a stalemate! What are your views? What do you tell your kids? How do you do Santa aka the man in red!

Have you say in the poll or leave me you thoughts in the comments section!


6 thoughts on “To Ho Ho or not Ho Ho… that is the question!?!?

  1. I don’t think the two need be mutually exclusive. Hopefully the real Christmas story isn’t one our kids will stop believing, though they will long have realised the mythology of Santa. I love your daughter’s prayer – Santa is invited to the celebrations, not the reason for the celebration. You’re obviously doing something right.

  2. You guys were brought up with Santa and there is nothing wrong with you! In this day and age a little fantasy is a good thing, don’t let kids grow up too fast, only young once

  3. I was brought up believing in Santa and when I was old enough to know the truth, I didn’t for one minute feel that my parents were lying about other things. What you do in your home and who you are, has more impact than what you say. Whether you choose to santa or not… Your kids will know you genuinely love them and will know the Truth. 🙂

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