Big boys need big beds!

My baby boy is growing up! I know it was bound to happen and everyone says it happens so fast but does it really have to be this quick!

It feels like a few weeks ago that he turned one and I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t gone into labour yet with baby sister! She was due only 3 days before this birthday and I was convinced I was going to miss it! This is the only time I can say I was happy to be over due! In the end their birthdays are 9 days apart and land in different months too – small mercies!

Anyway back to my baby boy! He is now 21 months, a very mobile, agile and climby 21 months! I’m surprised he hasn’t managed to climb out of his cot yet but with his leg up on the side it’s bound to happen soon! And so the decision was made to move him to his big boy bed…*sob*!

There are other factors involved too; the fact that there are 2 cots and a bed in his and Tamsin’s room and I can’t wait to get rid of the 1 cot to make more space for playing and general mayhem! And the fact that the second cot isn’t ours and has already needed to be mended where the cot side fell apart!

Night 1  involved some very hyped up children after a bath time filled with new bath toys! We followed exactly the same routine as every other night. Story, followed by a little prayed, followed by a cuddle and goodnight kiss. Into bed you go and out the door we go. 3 rapid returns later it went quiet so we headed down stairs. After about 15 minutes he was up again. Put him back to bed, rubbed his back for a minute or 2 and … success!!! 45 minutes after lights out he was lights out himself! We had a tumble out of bed about 2 hours later but he then slept through until 7:30!

Night 2  we put up the stair gate over the door and decided to give him a few minutes to settle himself without going in and within 30 minutes he had after playing and exploring for a while put himself to bed and gone to sleep! He slept through again until a respectful 6:30 this morning before padding up the stairs to join us for a cuddle in our bed!

There are a few things we have done to help the transition:

  • Reading him stories on his bed for the past few months and always referring to it as HIS big boy bed.
  • Putting his cot blanket and special bunny in the bed waiting for him at night; with all his soft toys at the bottom of his bed.
  • And following the same routine as we have always done.

*Touch wood* so far he seems to be getting the hang of it! I think having a big sister in a big bed definitely makes it less scary!

I am a bit scared to think that this time next year we’ll be putting the 3rd one into a big bed! Then there will definitely be no peace!

What tips and tricks did you use to get your child to transition to a big bed!





4 thoughts on “Big boys need big beds!

  1. So it seems all is going well, you are great at sorting things like this out, am amazed he hasn’t spent the whole night playing with his toys…

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