Resolutely resolving to keep resolutions

I wish there was  a statistic that showed ACCURATELY how many people actual stick to and succeed at their new year resolutions! I mean is it really worth the effort????

It is a good time to reflect on your life and things you would like to either get rid of or gain in yours and your family’s life.

I have one main resolution for 2012: I WILL REMAIN NOT PREGNANT FOR THE WHOLE OF 2012!!!!!! To some that might not be such a big thing but I haven’t had a year since 2007 when I have not been pregnant for at least some of it! 3 babies in 3 years is hard work dang it!

There are many other things I’ll like to add to my list including:

  • Make a chore list and stick to it – equally!!
  • lose weight
  • do more fun (free) things as a family
  • get more organised on the blog
  • get more organised with meals and stick to meal plan
  • make more money – some how, some way, any way will do!
  • get back into a sport
  • master at least one craft!!

There are many other thing’s I’d add to that list but it can’t be never ending can it! And you know what even if none of  those on the list get done I’m OK – as long as that big one in blue is successful!!

My dear,

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

And those who do believe do.

So the lesson is clear: believe in what you want most, go after it, find it, and eventually you’ll posses it.

But it all starts there; firstly, you’ve got to believe.

Falsely yours,
Roald Dahl

Blessings for the new year may it be a great one for you and your family!!


3 thoughts on “Resolutely resolving to keep resolutions

  1. I second the big blue one!

    I’ve only got two and I can’t imagine being pregnant again for a while – three must be crazy at times!

  2. They say to achieve your goals you must put it in writing so I guess you will stick to your resolutions now that you hv done that. Tomorrow I will be putting my down as well.

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