Snap slapper

Morning all! I’ve decided to continue in the “loves” theme from last week, so here’s my biggest girl sending some to you all my lovely readers!

Isn’t she just the cutest!

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Munchy Monday – Savory layer cake

Now this is some brilliant party food (it looks so good when slicing), or in summer or when you just feel like something fresh and yummy!

125g cheesy biscuits

120g margarine

About 3 avocado pears

About 3 T lemon juice

1 tin tuna


250g chunky cottage cheese with chives or plain

Salt and pepper

2 hardboiled eggs sieved or grated



Mix avo and lemon juice together. Mix tuna and mayo together. Crush biscuits and add to melted margarine. Place in spring form tin (8 or 9 inch). Start layering, avo, tuna then cottage cheese. Decorate with the eggs and parsley and paprika.

Put in the fridge for a couple of hours. Remove carefully from tin and serve!

It really is yummo… and it’s making feel like some now, yes even in this dribbly snowish weather!

What I didn’t know when having children PART 2!

I wrote about what I didn’t know when having children last year, well here’s part 2!

I always knew my body would change… I just never knew how much!

I knew my boobs would change, no one told me how low they’d fall or that the size, shape and feel of them would change too!

I knew my belly would get looser but not that thanks for a c-section and 2 pregnancies in 2 years I would develop a gorgeously disgusting little apron! And that I’d develop a hernia because of them too!

That carrying them around for the last nearly 4 years would give me tendonitis in both my right elbow and shoulder.

That your bladder is never quite the same.  That laughing loudly and heartily with abandonment is only done with the possibility of catastrophic flooding effects!

Your brain… it never recovers, the hormones they mess it up… and then you have so many things on my mind at any one time that they just seem to flow into one and out the door.

That my skin that was once so clear and unblemished now contains pigmentation marks… yes they’re fading but not fast enough… more toothpaste is obviously needed!

And hair… the hair loss from your head with the hair gain everywhere else… it’s just gross and unfair! And the texture of my hair, it’s just not the same.

And lastly down at the bottom of the list my feet, yes even they have been ruined, no they didn’t leave one part of me untouched! My feet have grown a half-size with each pregnancy to a size 8 – add to that my high inset and fat, flat feet shoe buying is now a nightmare.

I think I’ll leave it there then, can’t be scaring too many mom’s to be out there!

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change my kids for anything but really couldn’t they just have ruined one part of me and left it at that?!?!

Wot so funee.

This weeks funee happened to the hubby whilst I was at work. Dad was busy feeding the 3 monkeys dinner, with the radio on in the background.  The radio is always on… in our house there always needs to be background noise… it’s not like our house isn’t noisy enough already!!

Anyway back to the point… the kids love the radio and there are some songs the kids just love to sing along to… one of their favorites for the last few months is Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song.

True to form the song comes on and the heads start bopping and little Jenna-May (3,5 yo) pipes up:  “quick dad throw you hand in your pants!”.

Needless to say dad was in stitches… as was I when receiving a call a little later! It’s crazy what their little minds take in and how quickly they learn words from songs!

PS if you don’t know the Lazy Song have a listen… and even if you do it’s worth another listen… and music video is pretty funny too…

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Lift that lard.

I’ve been trying to get out and do a little more exercise lately. So I’ve been walking about twice a week in the mornings before the kids get up and been looking for something else a little more exciting. But they all cost so much… I’m not really willing to fork out £7 a session twice a week for something and joining the gym is just too far out of budget at the moment!

But I’ve found this fab website… you can search for any vouchers (2 for 1’s and free sessions) in the area’s around you. Then just pop in your mail address and there they are! And you can sign up to a free coaching site too now! It can give you a program to follow and tracks your training and everything!

So tonight I dragged my lazy arse down to the pool to use one of my 4 free swimming vouchers.

It’s always a bit daunting slipping on the old cozzie and making the walk to the pool in rush hour at the gym… scoping the room out I breathe a sigh of relief… thank goodness I’m not the only lardy lady, or man for that matter, causing a big splash!

It was lovely, besides the fact that some idiots can’t read the lane signs! Grrrrr…

So here’s to a good start lets hope this lardy arse can keep itself motivated!

PS next time I will organise some goggles so I don’t come out looking like I have the weed hangover from hell!


A bit of snap slapper love today!

It’s time to show my picnik fun this week… very annoyed as these pictures are showing very blurry as i’m adding them, but there not really I promise!

I love this little show of sibling love! and I found a new frame that compares the 2 photo’s too this week!

I just wish I could show the love for Picnik as clearly my dear departing friend! But from now on until the date of departure… I’ll take advantage of your Premium section WAHOO!

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There’s this guy I know…

I meet him over a decade ago. He’s now my best friend. This guy knows me better than anyone, including my husband. He’s someone I talk to when I need advice, and he always gives good advice. It’s not always the advice I want to hear but he’s always right!!

After everything we’ve been through together, all the changes, the good times and the tough times I know he’ll always be there for me no matter what I do or how wrong I get things. He’s just one of those good guys who likes to give second chances, and third and fourth… He’s always around to pick up the pieces and help me put myself back together again.

He’s so much fun.  He loves laughing and having a good time.  He loves giving presents too, and he gives the best ones ever! We’ve had the more incredible times smiling, travelling and having fun. He seems to get on with most people who once they get to know him love him just as much as I do!

He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for his friends. He would give up everything for me, for all of his friends, literally his life.

This guy is so darn special and amazing he has had tons of love songs written about him, and even some books! Now how many of your friends can say that!

I wish everyone had a friend like mine, everyone deserves someone who loves them so unconditionally and without reserve.  Someone you can just be YOU with. Someone who knows you and knows how you are feeling and how you are made without you even having to say a word.

The best thing about this guy? He’s always willing to make new friends, there’s always space in His diary for new people! So go on give him a call, once you meet Him I promise He’ll become your best friend too!