Yet another skill to master!

There seems to be a never ending list of skills to master as a mum! This week I attempted taking scissors to hair… my son’s hair. His gorgeous ginger lady locks!

There has been an argument ongoing in the house for the last 6-8 months about the length of his hair. Mommy = cut that hair, Daddy = leave him be! It took the little man being referred to 3x in one morning as a little girl at toddler group for daddy to finally concede defeat! Word given decision made…

Step 1: Turn on some captivating TV – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse never fails!

Step 2: Strap said son into hair chair seat to immobilise him.

Step 3: Sharp scissors, brush and handheld hoover collected.

Step 4: Attack the hair!

Step 5: Finess the hair, with a little more carefully placed snips.

Step 6: Spritz hair with water to ensure a neat finish!

Step 7: Fetch clippers to neaten the neck area, ah well that’ll have to wait for another day boy too wriggly now!

Step 8: Show off finished product

My son has ears!!!! Wahoo!!!

Now isn’t he just the cutest thing, although he does look even more mischievious than normal now!


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