Just one piece of advice.

I came across a blog post on Just Us Kids Online Blog which really made me think. She was inspired by The Things I’d Tell You‘s weekly prompts.

Last week’s prompt was:  If you could only offer your children one piece of advice, what would it be?

I’ve been thinking about and there is so much I would love to tell them. I think if there was just one thing I could say it would be: To be open – open to people, God, to new ideas and experiences but mostly open to love. Not too open that you let people make decisions for you or influence your convictions but open to experience, feel and appreciate all that this wonderful life has to offer.

I think so often we get stuck in a rut in life and close ourselves off from new things.  We lack the confidence to make changes and do things differently.  We get so caught up in ourselves, our opinions and our little lives that we become so narrow minded that we can’t see the merit in other people and different ideas. We get comfortable in our circles of friends that we forget to reach out and open up to new people; people who do things differently, come from a different type of home, who are different in race, religion and financial circumstances.

I want my kids to experience it all. It may get hurt opening up to people but it better than living a lonely, closed off life. I want them to love life, love others and be loved by others.

I know it’s too late to link up with this but I just loved the thought. What would you tell you kids if you could give them just one piece of advise, tell me in the comments section!!

Then head on over to see what other prompts The Things I’d Tell You  has coming!


5 thoughts on “Just one piece of advice.

  1. Well said! It is certainly a thought provoking question as there are so many bits of advice you want to pass on to your children but that is a really good advice as we do forget about others so often.

  2. That’s great advice! Too often we’re scared to taking in new things that we stumble back. Being open to anything and everything is great for the mind and soul. 🙂

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