Wot so funee

There are moments in every day where my kids just crack me up!  The way their little minds work leave me speechless at times and rolling on the floor at others.

I wish I was better at remembering them and writing them down but I’m not, I’m crap, I have baby brain multiplied by 3! I keep trying to remember to join in with the brilliant ActuallyMummy  on her wotsofunee meme but time always seems to get the better or me or this ol’ brain of mine hits a blank!

Is it just mine or do your kids never listen on the first ask, unless it’s for sweets or a trip to the park! A few weeks ago after asking Jenna to do something for the millionth fifth time the following conversation ensued:

Me:  “Jenna you’ve lost your ears”

Jenna:  “Why?”

Me:  “because you’re not listening”.

Jenna:   “Oh, but I left them on the stairs and now they’re gone. But it’s OK they were rubbish, I want pink ones now”.

Oh man if only we had a choice in the colour or size or shape of our body parts!!

Gotta love the way they think and the excuses they make!


7 thoughts on “Wot so funee

  1. Aren’t they great! My 3 year old started recounting events of the past 5 minutes and it sounded like a country song “papi tooted, Elise (baby sister) started crawling and mommy knocked over the popocorn” I’ve been in stitches every since.

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