Lift that lard.

I’ve been trying to get out and do a little more exercise lately. So I’ve been walking about twice a week in the mornings before the kids get up and been looking for something else a little more exciting. But they all cost so much… I’m not really willing to fork out £7 a session twice a week for something and joining the gym is just too far out of budget at the moment!

But I’ve found this fab website… you can search for any vouchers (2 for 1’s and free sessions) in the area’s around you. Then just pop in your mail address and there they are! And you can sign up to a free coaching site too now! It can give you a program to follow and tracks your training and everything!

So tonight I dragged my lazy arse down to the pool to use one of my 4 free swimming vouchers.

It’s always a bit daunting slipping on the old cozzie and making the walk to the pool in rush hour at the gym… scoping the room out I breathe a sigh of relief… thank goodness I’m not the only lardy lady, or man for that matter, causing a big splash!

It was lovely, besides the fact that some idiots can’t read the lane signs! Grrrrr…

So here’s to a good start lets hope this lardy arse can keep itself motivated!

PS next time I will organise some goggles so I don’t come out looking like I have the weed hangover from hell!



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