What I didn’t know when having children PART 2!

I wrote about what I didn’t know when having children last year, well here’s part 2!

I always knew my body would change… I just never knew how much!

I knew my boobs would change, no one told me how low they’d fall or that the size, shape and feel of them would change too!

I knew my belly would get looser but not that thanks for a c-section and 2 pregnancies in 2 years I would develop a gorgeously disgusting little apron! And that I’d develop a hernia because of them too!

That carrying them around for the last nearly 4 years would give me tendonitis in both my right elbow and shoulder.

That your bladder is never quite the same.  That laughing loudly and heartily with abandonment is only done with the possibility of catastrophic flooding effects!

Your brain… it never recovers, the hormones they mess it up… and then you have so many things on my mind at any one time that they just seem to flow into one and out the door.

That my skin that was once so clear and unblemished now contains pigmentation marks… yes they’re fading but not fast enough… more toothpaste is obviously needed!

And hair… the hair loss from your head with the hair gain everywhere else… it’s just gross and unfair! And the texture of my hair, it’s just not the same.

And lastly down at the bottom of the list my feet, yes even they have been ruined, no they didn’t leave one part of me untouched! My feet have grown a half-size with each pregnancy to a size 8 – add to that my high inset and fat, flat feet shoe buying is now a nightmare.

I think I’ll leave it there then, can’t be scaring too many mom’s to be out there!

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change my kids for anything but really couldn’t they just have ruined one part of me and left it at that?!?!


3 thoughts on “What I didn’t know when having children PART 2!

  1. OMG, I totes agree with you, if I had known half the things that would change for the worse… well, I’d still do it, but I’d have maybe appreciated my pre-baby body just that little bit more. Just posted a similar topic on my blog today, didn’t name and shame it being to do with having a bub directly, but it is most definitely the cause!

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