Talking or not as the case may be!

My son’s not talking. He’ll be 2 in just under 2 months and he’s still not talking.  He says a few words; mama, dada, no, ya, Jenna, door and a couple of others.  He can do some animal sounds – his favorite is Baaa! Even elephants say Baa apparently!

But he refuses to copy us when we prompt him. He refuses to try. He can mumble the tune to songs but won’t sing any of the words.

Yes I know he’s still little, yes I know he developed very early physically (crawling at 4 months) and is still ahead of the graph in what he is able to do physically and yes I know all children are different. I know boys can take longer to talk. I know his sister talks for him alot! She was talking in sentences by his age; yes I know I shouldn’t compare before you say it.

But I’m still worried. I still think about what else I can do to help him when I lie in bed at night.

He loves books and we read loads to him, I get him to look at my mouth and try to copy the moves and sounds I made (looking like a right arse!) and I’ve been trying really hard to narrate the day to him (now looking like a right arse talking to myself). But it hasn’t really helped.

Maybe he’s just not ready, sometimes I think he’s playing with us – sometimes I hear him say things and then he refuses to repeat them again.

I just wish there was a normal, but I know there isn’t. Maybe he doesn’t think he needs to talk, he’s able to communicate so well with hand signs and pointing to get what he wants maybe there’s no motivation?!?!

Anyone else had issues… am I just being paranoid (hubs thinks I am a bit) or is this just the mom’s curse – constantly worrying about everything!

Saying all of this, I’ve had the post scheduled for today for a week and just this weekend he’s said 2 more words…. maybe I am just being a worry wart!


12 thoughts on “Talking or not as the case may be!

  1. He will start in his time ( all in God’s good time) and when he does you may think otherwise. enjoy the signs and wonders they will soon pass. love him ~ he is only a baby, i remember someone who only got their first tooth at 18months??? thought we would have to buy dentures..?? we all have our time to bloom.

  2. Its our job as mums to worry!! I have a few friends who had similar issues at this age. Both children were behind with speech at age 2 compared to other children and siblings but then all of a sudden they suddenly just ‘got it’ and now you cant stop them talking! Another friends daughter had problems with her hearing which delayed her speech slightly. I think it was glue ear. All sorted now and her speech is fine. Does you health visitor do a 2 year check? If not request one and mention it to her. Hopefully they will be able to reassure you or at least look at getting hearing checked etc if you are still worried.

    • Yep I remember them doing one with eldest so will to chat to them then! I’m sure he’ll get it, he’s pretty good at letting us know what he wants without words with a grunt and point – but I think most me do that don’t they!?!?

  3. God, we can worry ourselves to death can’t we. So far I have had panics over lack of teeth/crawling/walking/talking and been convinced at times that son is deaf/blind/mad…..he is none of these things. That said…I wouldn’t worry. I think they all get there when they’re ready. Feel free to remind of this next time a write a panic post LOL 🙂

  4. Providing he’s receiving stimuli from those around him (ie you yabber at him) he’ll talk in his own good time. I presume he responds and there’s no sign of hearing impairment.

    • Yep he responds and don’t think there any hearing problems, besides actually following instuctions (tidy, stop, no)… mention sweeties tho, that he hears! Typical boy?

  5. health visitors around us are crap! they barely did new born checks when they were supposed to. A lovely reader has however just forwarded the blog to her sister who’s a speech and language therapist at GOSH which will be interesting to hear what they say and what tips she gives! I’ll pass them on to you!

  6. I met a lady when I was pregnant and we became friends. Our children, her son, my daughter were born within a fortnight of each other. Aged 9 months, Max got up and walked. He didn’t even wobble. He was completely confident and miles ahead of my daughter Beth physically, but he didn’t speak.
    My daughter, still couldn’t crawl when she was 12 months old but had been speaking in sentences for months. I worried about Beth’s movement or lack of it, she worried about Max’s speach (and his eating aswell actually).
    Eventually they caught up with each other.
    Now aged 9 Max is a born trampolinist and Beth still doesn’t particularly like to walk anywhere.
    Beth will chatter all day and is confident speaking infront of crowds of people, whereas Max is a much quieter child.
    I’m not saying don’t worry, my point is you will worry. We always find something to worry about. Eventuallly everything works out and children end up being the people they were always meant to be. He will speak, maybe he’s just a quiet person, maybe he’s a listener.
    I agree that to put your mind at rest, you should check in with the speech therapist – but only so that you can sleep at night!
    Sometimes, I think we Mums worry about development when really children are just showing their personalities early on.
    I hope everything is well x

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