Snow fun

Finally the snow has arrived and the children’s excitment level has gone through the ceiling!

Both Carter and Tamsin have never seen the snow before; we missed last years as we were in South Africa on holiday; and Carter has been totally facinated by it! Tamsin not so much, she screamed everytime we tried to put her down near it and wouldn’t touth it!

The trip to church and sledging in the car! How pretty do the trees look!

We had our first sledging experience this weekend, well Jenna, Carter and daddy anyway I was on buggy duty with a sleepy baby.

The slope at Chess Valley.

Man this sledging thing is fun… again again!

My little snow man!

Warming up under the blankets with a little tv!

It was then followed by a snowball fight and snow angels in the garden – minus gloves = painful defrosting fingers,  lesson learnt, keep them on!

Cold fingers, but snow balls are such fun.

Mmmm, snow tastes good…

We had such a fab time! I’m just sad it’s melting and getting all gross now! It just makes the school run so much more difficult and wet! here’s to a few more days, come on!!!


One thought on “Snow fun

  1. glad they were able to experience it and enjoy the fun. Pity I was not a tad closer, would love to have had a snowball throwing contest??? love you all, pity about the cold hands ~ lesson learnt, next time Mum I will wear gloves….yeh right if I remember??

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