Valentines gift.

We’ve never been really big into the whole V day thing. We’ve always done the card thing and for the first few years until the babies arrived we did gifts but this year I decided to make some thing.

When we moved into our house I bought a big frame with 4 smaller frames inside it with the intention of replacing the photo’s with some of our own. Nearly 4 years and 3 children later the frame still has the original pictures in it. With the discovery of pinterest there were a few things I thought I’d try and eventually I decided that since it’s hung above the bed in our room it should be all about us!

The words in the tree are the words from our first dance and the red words are the vows from our wedding. The other words are just a really lovely verse I’d seen the other day describing love. And of course we wouldn’t be us now without our 3 beautiful babies on there somewhere!

Now this project was not without much frustration, shouting and some expletives. The printer ink ran out, the printer decided not to recognise the laptop and then not even print properly!! We got there in the end tho! But I will be reprinting the photo’s again to a better quality and the exact size needed!! GRRRR to technical issues! Anyway!

Here’s to the last nearly 5 years filled with love, fun, excitement and children… and the next 50! I love you my bub!


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