Ok so maybe I’ve been a little optimistic judging by the weather lately BUT I have to confess to planting the first seeds of the season! They’re inside, on the window sill nice and warm and steadily getting bigger. Some cauliflower, early tomatoes and mangetout.

The kids and I spent a lovely hour planting all the seeds in the propagator ready for the windowsill! Then we decided to have some seed fun. We planted some bean seeds in cottonwool in a clear plastic glass so we could watch the roots go down and leaves come up. And we turned it into a race and labelled the glasses!

So far Tamsin is winning!

And I recently found a brilliant way of protecting new seedlings after planthing them out by using half a 2lt sodabottle cut in half to use as a cloche! Genius!! And the bottom half can be used to contain the seedlings when on the windowsill inside!

Here they are almost 2 weeks later and in bigger containers… still inside….

And the tomatoes and cauli’s; man do they grow quick! Come on summer and warmer weather to plant them outside!

The kids are so going to love getting involved this year, they do adore eating stuff they have grown… last year beans were by far the favorite, picking and eating them off the plants as they played!

One thought on “Seedlings

  1. You can certainly teach me a thing or two when it comes to growing from seed. Hvn’t started the veggie side yet, maybe when I get back from the UK

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