TV addicts!!

I have a confession, my kids are addicted to the television. If my eldest had a chance she would happily watch it all day long! Anything, anything at all!

We’ve all heard the studies about kids watching too much TV etc etc ad nauseum! And yes they probably have watched too much, and I did rely on it for a while especially after number 3 was born meaning I had 3 kids under 33 months!

We have always vetted what the kids do actually watch by prewatching movies or watching all new programs together for the first time. We mainly watch stuff I’ve recorded or the Disney Channel.

But lately whenever they get up from their nap they ask for the TV (They’re not normally allowed to watch in the morning!). And it grates, I get annoyed having to say no a hundred times! Sometimes I get tempted to give in! which annoys me even more!

So I’ve decided to amend the routine, I added in a set craft time/activity every afternoon. After their nap they have their snack at the table and I have a craft set out ready to go.

We’ve done some painting, decopaging and making containers, the seed planting and cutting and pasting! Puzzles  and games are coming out more often too!

So far it seems to be working, it delays the inevitable requests for a while and lets them do some constructive creative things!

Any more tips getting them not to WANT the TV! It’s so much easier in summer isn’t it!

3 thoughts on “TV addicts!!

  1. Great post! I’d been fretting until recently, as the Tinkerous Toddler’s voracious viewing habits were going off the scale. But luckily her starting nursery has been a big help, as now she is back to being interested to sit and play with toys / do crafts / read a book with me. My big next step is getting her to do more of that sort of stuff on her own – so I can do some stuff on my own too!!

    Having said that, my neighbours have three amazingly bright, intelligent and socially well-adjusted children and I asked them about TV. They told me that their kids have all watched lots and lots of TV over the years. So, perhaps, we all worry too much about TV – it is another thing for mothers to be beaten over the head with isn’t it! As long as the programmes are suitable and there is at least some kind of mix, perhaps it isn’t always a bad thing? I don’t know, what do you reckon?

    • I agree it is just another thing we worry about isn’t it! My concern is when it over takes their desire to do other more interactive things and they can’t hold a conversation when it’s on!
      I don’t think I’m extreme enough to do the whole chuck out the tv thing but it’s all about the balance isn’t it!

      • Absolutely, balance is everything. I started to get worried when my daughter seemed to turn into a zombie and seemingly couldn’t even hear me when I spoke to her if CBeebies was on. I am so pleased you wrote this post, because I do berate myself almost daily over this very subject!

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