Snow fun

Finally the snow has arrived and the children’s excitment level has gone through the ceiling!

Both Carter and Tamsin have never seen the snow before; we missed last years as we were in South Africa on holiday; and Carter has been totally facinated by it! Tamsin not so much, she screamed everytime we tried to put her down near it and wouldn’t touth it!

The trip to church and sledging in the car! How pretty do the trees look!

We had our first sledging experience this weekend, well Jenna, Carter and daddy anyway I was on buggy duty with a sleepy baby.

The slope at Chess Valley.

Man this sledging thing is fun… again again!

My little snow man!

Warming up under the blankets with a little tv!

It was then followed by a snowball fight and snow angels in the garden – minus gloves = painful defrosting fingers,  lesson learnt, keep them on!

Cold fingers, but snow balls are such fun.

Mmmm, snow tastes good…

We had such a fab time! I’m just sad it’s melting and getting all gross now! It just makes the school run so much more difficult and wet! here’s to a few more days, come on!!!

The Pinaddicts challenge is on!

It’s here, the excitment is emmense for all of the Pinaddicts team, especially our fearless leader who can’t stop saying Whoop and Fabulous!

For this months #pinaddicts challenge (read more about it here) I decided to have a stab at making some creative storage.

I have distinct lack of storage in my kitchen. And I have a distict dislike of open packets and jars lying open in the food cupboard. I saw the below picture and others (see here) on Pinterest and decided to make an attempt.

I decided to use some old discarded jars and marginally modify them so they don’t look like coffee jars and bottles.

A couple of coats of pain, some sellotape to mark off the line for the blue, some printing of the words and a mix of glue and water used to stick it on seamlessly with a paint brush was all it took! And now it’s no more nasty boxes!

It’s not a big thing but you know what anything that makes life that little easier and more organised is a good thing in my book! Even if it is an old disgarded coffee container!

I then decided to turn my attention to the hallway, we still don’t have key holder thingymabob nearly 4 years down the line and hubs wasn’t a fan of just simple hooks.

And so it was decided to do something a little different! See my inspiration below, and more on my Pinaddicts page on Pinterest.

I popped down to the charity shop in my lunch hour and managed to get 2 new frames for under a fiver. Some paint, a little printing and cutting and screwing in of the hooks and they were ready for installation!

Hubby put the nails up and voila a handy key hanger! I’m planning of someday putting some actual photo’s but that will be a while!

Now go find some more super crafty pinners over at Life as I know it.

Talking or not as the case may be!

My son’s not talking. He’ll be 2 in just under 2 months and he’s still not talking.  He says a few words; mama, dada, no, ya, Jenna, door and a couple of others.  He can do some animal sounds – his favorite is Baaa! Even elephants say Baa apparently!

But he refuses to copy us when we prompt him. He refuses to try. He can mumble the tune to songs but won’t sing any of the words.

Yes I know he’s still little, yes I know he developed very early physically (crawling at 4 months) and is still ahead of the graph in what he is able to do physically and yes I know all children are different. I know boys can take longer to talk. I know his sister talks for him alot! She was talking in sentences by his age; yes I know I shouldn’t compare before you say it.

But I’m still worried. I still think about what else I can do to help him when I lie in bed at night.

He loves books and we read loads to him, I get him to look at my mouth and try to copy the moves and sounds I made (looking like a right arse!) and I’ve been trying really hard to narrate the day to him (now looking like a right arse talking to myself). But it hasn’t really helped.

Maybe he’s just not ready, sometimes I think he’s playing with us – sometimes I hear him say things and then he refuses to repeat them again.

I just wish there was a normal, but I know there isn’t. Maybe he doesn’t think he needs to talk, he’s able to communicate so well with hand signs and pointing to get what he wants maybe there’s no motivation?!?!

Anyone else had issues… am I just being paranoid (hubs thinks I am a bit) or is this just the mom’s curse – constantly worrying about everything!

Saying all of this, I’ve had the post scheduled for today for a week and just this weekend he’s said 2 more words…. maybe I am just being a worry wart!

SOC Sunday

I love this whole idea of writing what’s on my mind for 5 minutes. Every Sunday it  comes around and I think I’ll find the 5 minutes.

Just 5 minutes with no interruptions. No crying baby or fighting children. No nappy to be changed or phone to answer. No dinner to cook or washing to hang out. No doorbell ringing or shopping arriving.

And every time I sit down to do it something beckons.  And just to prove my point… the power just cut out on the laptop… someone pulled the cord out of the charging part thing… typical.

But I’m back and only have 2 children to watch (the baby and the big girl) the boys are upstairs watching rugby having some male bonding time.

I love that time we get to spend one on one with the kids, to be able to give them full attention.  They seem to just bloom and get so connected.  We try to do it regularly but it doesn’t happen nearly often enough. It’s tough, life with 3 kids under 4 is hard work.

Such hard work that I’ve felt the need to treat myself or rather to cover up the mess that 3 small children make by painting the walls! So tester bottles bought, new curtains have been delivered and some trial wrapping paper has been found. We’ve been here nearly 4 years and I think it’s about time!

Talking about time I think that’s me up! 5 minutes is all you get to steam your consciousness and let it all out!

Join up with all.things.fadra. I wanna hear about whats streaming in your mind!

My house my home.

I had a day at home alone! First time in nearly 3 years! Yes, I was sadly very excited, even though it was because I wasn’t feeling well.

Do what did I do… After sending the kids off to school and the childminder I went back to bed with my breakfast. Read my book and had a nap.

Cleaned the kitchen, did a load of laundry, watched a little tv, did a little online shopping and started feeling much better.

Guilt, it’s always there isn’t it…I feel like I could have done so much more… but I didn’t! But I think that’s OK. Right now it’s OK, for now.

Then a little more more cleaning was done and I decided to brave the chilly weather outside. Decided to go for a leisurely swim, I had to hand in swim lesson forms anyway. Had a warming cuppa and read my book. Organised 3 blog posts for the coming week. Cooked dinner and then it was time to get the kids.

I do have to admit to sitting to listen for little voices waking from a nap, and at one point even nearly getting up to check on them they were so quiet! My home just felt a little empty without them. Home after all is only home when it’s full of family and friends, otherwise it’s just a house. I’ve realised to today that no matter where we live it’ll alway be home, just because we’re all there together. Today I realised that as much as I want a bigger and better house, it’s just that, a house, a shell. Without my family in it, it’s not my home. I look around and see little bits of my family scattered around, a train, a fairy, a muslin, some socks and as much as they do bug the heck out of me, today it’s OK, cause my house, it’s my home which is the whole point isn’t it!

So did I enjoy my day? Sure I did! Will I do it again? Anytime! As long as my family come home soon!