Sleep deprivation as torture.

There is a long history of sleep deprivation being used as a form of torture. In our house the history tho only goes back 3,5 years ago to the birth of baby number 1!

Generally I have to say the kids are great sleepers and we don’t get many repeated wake up’s at night. However saying that when my sleep then gets interrupted it feels doubly as bad! Especially when it comes on one of my long weeks at work.

Since Saturday our sleep has been interrupted due to some high temperatures, sore throats and coughs! Last night however was horribly horrific!

They all went to bed beautifully as they were knackered after a full day. BUT at 12:05 just after falling asleep a scream reverberated through the house. The littlest monster was awake and not happy about it.  She was feeling very hot so I dosed her up on some medication. 20 min later she was passed out on my shoulder.

Back to bed for me. Dozing, dozing… scream… another 15 minutes later she was awake and letting the world know about it! Add to that the fact that she shares a room with her big sister who is just recovering I ran down the stairs to silence her.

Another 15 minutes later and resettled and back to bed.  And back downstairs and back to bed… repeat x5! Followed by another dose of medication!

Somewhere in the middle of this I decided to rather just sit on the stairs leading up to our room to see if she settled for longer than 10 minutes… of course I woke up with the carpet imprinted on my cheek and head on bottom step… I felt like it was back in varsity days!!

At 4am she decided it was time to wake up and play. I finally relented and put her into our bed where she just wanted to play with daddy.

4:30 and I hear another little voice downstairs asking where I’ve taken her sister! Back downstairs baby in tow to toilet and tuck in the big one.  A little more rocking to the sound of the birds tweet tweeting outside and finally Tamsin was getting sleepy again!

And cue the first full hours sleep of the night!!!

Thankfully daddy let me have a few more moments in the land of nod before it was time to head downstairs to feed the troups!

Needless to say none of us are feeling very well this morning, and Jenna is off school again as she is knackered and “her legs are feeling too tired to play at school today” with another low grade temperature!

So is it torture???? I don’t care how much you love you kids and love spending every second with them I think it is and in the midst of it you do feel tortured! I do think however it’s all a part of the bonding process, those moments of just holding, loving and soothing your sick and grumpy little monster. NO, i don’t want to bond like this every night, once a month, once a year maybe!

BUT the sun is shining and today will be a good day… even if in the fog of knackeredness I don’t remember it at all!



3 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation as torture.

  1. I’m being tortured by a neighbor, for the past 17 months. As soon as I enter REM, I start talking. Then he disturbs me. Various medications just make me sick and even prevent me from going back to sleep. Been to court, spoke to landlord, the police, etc. No one cares. Can’t afford to move. Slowly getting sicker and sicker. Gained weight. Heel spurs, can hardly walk. Spoke to neighbor, he said, “I don’t hear anything.” Although other neighbors have heard the noise he makes at night to disturb me. He’s really an idiot because sleep talking is caused by having a sleep deficit. So in essence, he’s causing the problem, preventing me from getting a good nights’ rest so that I could possibly get a second job to get money to move. However, this is not the first idiot neighbor I’ve had. My family says the talking I do is normal. He has to keep very quiet in order to hear it. No matter if I sleep, day or night, he’s always there to wake me up. Very stupid. My research discovered, “that certain individuals become very offended when they discover they have a neighbor who sleep talks.” Other neighbors either don’t hear me, or don’t care.

    • Oh dear, it really is so tough especially when nothing you do seems to help. Any chance you could swop bedrooms to be further away from him, or leave a radio on all day in the room on a talking channel so that he doesn’t know the difference to if it’s you talking or the radio and hopefully he’ll just get bored!
      I hope you come right and get it sorted too! It’s amazing how it can affect our entire life and health too! Lots love to you! x

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