Pinaddicts March Project!

I decided to keep it simple again this month for the pinaddicts challenge (read more about it here) and keep going with the whole organisation and reusing theme, the things that seem to get me excited at the moment, a little sad but at least I’m not spending money!!

The whole jacket, shoe, gloves and hat thing at our front door had got out of hand again!  We initially started with a coat rack, then added shoe boxed from Ikea a couple years ago and about 8 months ago added another jacket rack lower down for the kids to use!

But add yet another child to the situation and it was permanently full and busy and with bits lying on the floor or the radiator!

I saw this on Pinterest, which gave me the inspiration I needed to get started!

I had some old dark wicker baskets which were part of a set but not a hugely useful size just landed up getting filled with junk all the time! A little spray paint, which didn’t really work and just kept getting absorbed, so a bit of radiator paint was used to top it up and was MUCH better!

Washers were used to keep the screws from pulling through the basket (just because that was what I could find to do the job in the DIY bucket!).

I have a confession to make, I also sorted through all the jackets and cleared out those we don’t wear on a weekly basis to at least have space for the door to open…so it looks neater than normal!

There weren’t really that many… ahem…

I’ve linked up with the Pinaddicts challenge hosted by the Fab Melkshamum, so head on over to have a look see at some more crafy goodness!


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