Small things…

I love how much the small things can make such a BIG difference in people lives.  It makes me feel so much more able to actual make an impact.

A couple of weeks ago we were given some clip photo frames. I didn’t really know quite what to do with them so they sat on the kitchen counter looking at me for a week or so.

And then I thought, I’d use them to display the kids art work. That way I can change the pictures ofte

n.  I found a fourth and now we have a new wall display opposite the kids play/toy area opposite the stairs.

Jenna-May spotted them just before they went up on the wall and was very interesting in what was happening. “What you doing with my pictures? Why do you have frames? What are you going to do with them?”.

I told her we were going to put them on the wall. “You’re going to put my pictures in frames on the wall Mommy?” she said, “Yes Jenna, I think you’re pictures are lovely so I want to put them on the wall”.  Her little face was a picture.  She looked so proud of herself.

She lifted her little shoulders, smiled and then threw herself at my legs, squeezing them tight. “Thank you mommy, you’re my best mommy ever!”.

They’ve been up for 2 days now and she keeps walking past them and looking at them and commenting at on her pictures and talking about which ones she’s going to make for the frames next. We’ve always had the pictures up on a piece of ribbon on the wall but this, this was big for her.

It is the small things, the little moments where they can feel proud of themselves and know how proud you are of them.

What small things do you do for your children that make them feel that shoulder lifting, smiling, knee hugging feeling!?

What do you think?

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