I need a mind reader

Occasionally I wish someone could read my mind. That someone would know what I need, without me needing it yet. Without having to ask.  I’m not a fan asking for help. I like to be capable, or rather I like to be seen as capable.

Sometimes when it’s all falling apart and nothing is going the way I want it to I want; without asking; someone to step in and give a hand. To pick up the tasks that I just feel so overwhelmed with sometimes. To do the things that I see need doing and never seem to get to!

I know people can’t hear my thoughts (my husband tells me often enough) but sometimes I need them to, sometimes I just can’t get the words out to ask. I know I should. There’s no weakness in asking. I love it when others ask for my help. I love helping others. I just wish I could believe that of others. Just another thing I’ve become aware that I need to work on.

I take comfort from the fact that I know Someone who does hear my thoughts, I need that to be enough, Him to be enough. In those times of overwhelmedness for him to underwhelm me. To give me what I need in the moments when I need them. I know He does, I just need to be more aware of those moments of provision!

So yes, I still want my husband to do what I want him to do without needing to use words but it’s not going to happen and I’ll still love his attempts anyway! I just need to get over myself and my insecurities!

You ever wanted someone to hear your needs and wants or is it only me that doesn’t like to admit they need help?!

Sleep time debate.

We have an ongoing argument discussion in our house about what time is reasonable to go to bed in this house.  Not between the kids and us but between the hubby and I.

Now I love staying up late but with work and getting up to the kids if they wake up together with 6am wake up’s I just need a little more! Hubby on the other hand gets his second wind about 10pm and can easily stay up until 12pm or 1am.  Come the next morning though getting him out of bed can be a mission. And he doesn’t get up to the kids at night.

We like to go to bed together, it gives us time to talk and spend some quality time together without technology!

Now here’s my question??????

Am I being a sad old maid wanting to go to be early?

2x tantruming tantrumers!!

We’ve hit the tantrum phase. The terrible 2’s as they’re sometimes called… I don’t particularly the phrase but it’s apt at times these days. But it’s not just the 2 year old; the 1 year old seems to be winning in these stakes.

Jenna was the same and was more difficult and shouty and tantrumy from age 1 to 2 than she was after… and her sister is following in her footsteps!!  Carter has hit it spot on… he turned 2 and the tantrums started in earnest.

A couple of months ago I was saying how much easier life has been getting. The kids are all sleeping well, Tamsin was starting to feed herself and the bottle phase was nearly done!

Now; I’m not so sure… a 1 year old and a 2 year old hitting the tantrum stage at the same time = frustrating and annoying times. Made even more difficult when you have people staying and you want them to be on best behaviour. And in typical grandparent fashion they don’t like the shouting and screaming and prefer to pacify! I don’t blame them, I’d be the same!

I do the ignore tactic. Turn around and give no attention. When they start calming down it’s return and give love and cuddles. If they come over then it’s pick up, if they scream again then it’s back down. The whole reinforce and praise the positive and not rewarding the negative.

But trying not to laugh when the baby throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming, looking over her little shoulder to gauge the reaction is tough sometimes. She’s a true stropper! And she has staying power… and only comes at one volume – LOUD!

So who’s got some advise?? Or a spare glass on wine… I think I need it!

Greatest day in history!

It’s Easter, it’s a holiday but more important is the reason behind it.  Jesus died; for you, for me and all humanity. He died with sin on His shoulders. Our sin. He suffered and bled in our place and He rose again. He left in His place the greatest companion, a comforter and friend.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the eggs, chocolate, chicks and bunnies.

I know it might not be your “thing” but even if it isn’t have listen to the song below. And if it is your thing take time to marvel at His greatness and mercy.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope it’s a good one full of love, family and chocolate!

Oh so this is what 2 children feels like!

The big girl has spent her first night out alone with granny at Aunty Lee Lee’s house! She was super excited… more like she didn’t want granny to leave her behind and her miss out on the action!

So it was just the babies at home… and somehow life seemed a little easier. There’s one child each, issues are easily resolved and it just seems a lot quieter… probably cause the babies can’t talk yet – heavenly!! No back chat or discussion or arguments or questions for nearly 24 hours.

We didn’t ever really get to experience what having to kids was like. Carter was still an infant at 3 months when I fell pregnant again which meant the first year of his life was spent nauseas, tired and stressed about how we’d cope with yet another baby, finances and having 3 children within 22 months of each other!

Tell you the truth (coming out of the first year of baby number 3’s life)  it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined.  There were crappy days and over tired days – that’s me not the kids – but overall we’ve made it. And we’ve had some lovely and fun times doing it.  We’ve managed to get out and do stuff with the kids, take them out with us in the evenings and put all to sleep in 1 room for a New Years shindig. We coped with work, housework, children and somehow still managed to stay involved and help out at Explore Church.

So in the spirit of making the most of it we spent the evening at friends house (with 3 amazing teen girl babysitters) the babies only went to bed after 9pm but so what. We I stubbled home after a little too much of the bubble stuff just before 12pm each carried 1 child upstairs – ha no return trips whoop, and fell into bed!

I did miss the chatter around the table when eating our meals and the help my big girl has started to be with the babies – fetching, carrying and generally just letting me know when they’re up to no good. I love having 3, I love that there is always someone for to play with, argue with or just be with.

I also love that she can have time alone to bond and get to know the people close to her. She just loves one on one attention which is sometimes difficult to do with the babies around and everything that needs to be done. It’s something we try to do regularly it just seems to fill them up and improve their behaviour so much!

I so look forward to the other 2 being able to do the same and possibly even spending a night or 2 alone somewhere nice with the hubs in the not too distant future… one day!

Country Park Holiday fun.

Gotta love the school holidays especially when the Grandma is in town.

We decided to try the new and improved Aldenham Country Park. They had an open day all free with free parking. The weather was great, Pooh bear was out in force and after a good nights sleep for the first time in a week we were off.

We checked out the animals…

And then we checked out the big  play area,  which has been created for kids with disabilities!

As such it’s brilliant for toddlers as they can easily get up the slopes to the big slide etc! Not sure if it will be open all the time tho??

Then we enjoyed out picnic lunch, after some shopping at the food market and played on some hay bales…

and admired the view over the lake…

And took a photo of my 1 year old (nearly), 2 year old and 3 year old.

They’ve also got a fab fruit and veg box delivery scheme which I am (shh don’t tell hubs) looking into and a group growing scheme where you get half an acre to grow your own produce – would so love to do this but don’t know where the time would come from!

If you’re nearby check it out, it was great fun more animals than ever, better play areas and a new farmers market too! And of always the best part was that it was free on launch day!  Now all we need to do is get a yearly pass to make it a more frequent outing!! Hint hint!