Big boy birthday

I can’t believe it the boy is 2.  It literally feels like the last year has flown by. This time last year I was pregnant, and not just pregnant but overdue.

We had a very small birthday party for him last year, I was just too knackered and whale like to feel like doing much.  We had family and close friends around for cake and tea.  This year I thought he deserved to have some thing just for him. A boy party, trains and lots of them, friends, sweets, cake and chaos… and that is exactly what we had!

10 kids; from 4 families = loud crazy fun.

Toot toot!!

How gorgeous in my girl in mommy’s old kilt from when she was little!

Choo choo it’s tea time!

Cake time…

Happy birthday to my precious, precocious, funny, adventurous, wild, lovely and cuddle boy. You are such a precious treasure and everyday is another day with the privilege of loving you and you loving us back! We are so lucky to be your parents and can’t wait to see you grow year by year!

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