Country Park Holiday fun.

Gotta love the school holidays especially when the Grandma is in town.

We decided to try the new and improved Aldenham Country Park. They had an open day all free with free parking. The weather was great, Pooh bear was out in force and after a good nights sleep for the first time in a week we were off.

We checked out the animals…

And then we checked out the big  play area,  which has been created for kids with disabilities!

As such it’s brilliant for toddlers as they can easily get up the slopes to the big slide etc! Not sure if it will be open all the time tho??

Then we enjoyed out picnic lunch, after some shopping at the food market and played on some hay bales…

and admired the view over the lake…

And took a photo of my 1 year old (nearly), 2 year old and 3 year old.

They’ve also got a fab fruit and veg box delivery scheme which I am (shh don’t tell hubs) looking into and a group growing scheme where you get half an acre to grow your own produce – would so love to do this but don’t know where the time would come from!

If you’re nearby check it out, it was great fun more animals than ever, better play areas and a new farmers market too! And of always the best part was that it was free on launch day!  Now all we need to do is get a yearly pass to make it a more frequent outing!! Hint hint!


2 thoughts on “Country Park Holiday fun.

  1. Didn’t realise it had been upgraded, we loved the old one so will have to check the new one out. I remember our eldest loving all the little houses where Pooh’s friends live.

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