Oh so this is what 2 children feels like!

The big girl has spent her first night out alone with granny at Aunty Lee Lee’s house! She was super excited… more like she didn’t want granny to leave her behind and her miss out on the action!

So it was just the babies at home… and somehow life seemed a little easier. There’s one child each, issues are easily resolved and it just seems a lot quieter… probably cause the babies can’t talk yet – heavenly!! No back chat or discussion or arguments or questions for nearly 24 hours.

We didn’t ever really get to experience what having to kids was like. Carter was still an infant at 3 months when I fell pregnant again which meant the first year of his life was spent nauseas, tired and stressed about how we’d cope with yet another baby, finances and having 3 children within 22 months of each other!

Tell you the truth (coming out of the first year of baby number 3’s life)  it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d imagined.  There were crappy days and over tired days – that’s me not the kids – but overall we’ve made it. And we’ve had some lovely and fun times doing it.  We’ve managed to get out and do stuff with the kids, take them out with us in the evenings and put all to sleep in 1 room for a New Years shindig. We coped with work, housework, children and somehow still managed to stay involved and help out at Explore Church.

So in the spirit of making the most of it we spent the evening at friends house (with 3 amazing teen girl babysitters) the babies only went to bed after 9pm but so what. We I stubbled home after a little too much of the bubble stuff just before 12pm each carried 1 child upstairs – ha no return trips whoop, and fell into bed!

I did miss the chatter around the table when eating our meals and the help my big girl has started to be with the babies – fetching, carrying and generally just letting me know when they’re up to no good. I love having 3, I love that there is always someone for to play with, argue with or just be with.

I also love that she can have time alone to bond and get to know the people close to her. She just loves one on one attention which is sometimes difficult to do with the babies around and everything that needs to be done. It’s something we try to do regularly it just seems to fill them up and improve their behaviour so much!

I so look forward to the other 2 being able to do the same and possibly even spending a night or 2 alone somewhere nice with the hubs in the not too distant future… one day!


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