Ahhh my baby is 1!

My beautiful little Tamsin Jayne is 1! The last year has just flown by.

It has been a great year spent with my littlest angel baby. After her speedy 3 hour labour and entry to the world she has continued to be such an easy baby, so content and chilled.  And she hasn’t stopped! She’s a cheeky little thing with a real sense of humour and temper too (3rd child syndrome)!

Here she is munching on those hands at 1 minute old… and that appetite she hasn’t diminished either… 95th percentile I tell you!

Meeting the siblings, who stayed up late to meet me 6 hours after my birth (YAY for 6 hour discharges)!!

My sleeping angel! And I’m going brag now slept through the night at 4 weeks – yes that’s 7pm-7am!

My precious little chunky chop I can’t wait to see more of her little big personality emerge, to hear you add to your already impressive list of words and to see you walk!!  Oh yes and she took her first steps yesterday – the day before her birthday! My clever clogs!


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