Piggy’s in the house!

A few months ago Jenna had pet week at school. The kids got to bring their pets in to show everyone in the morning, Jenna took in a photo of her fish (I didn’t think they’d cope in a glass bowl very well). On the way home a little voice pipes up from the back:

“Mommy, those children as so lucky.”

Me: “why they so lucky Jenna?”

Jenna: “Cause they have proper pets!” “I think they’re spoilt cause they’ve got pets and are so lucky.”

It broke my little heart, I wish we could afford a cat or dog or something but with 3 kids under 3 are A: expensive and B: hard work.

And then it happened. We were offered a pet, a free pet, make that 2 free pets with a free home and accessories. How could we refuse. We didn’t refuse.

We have 2 new pets now – Rana and Kona; 2 girly guinea pigs – mom and baby. They’re cute, a bit skittish but cute. I have had no left over peelings in the last week.

So one week in and the kids still love them but we still need to do some cleaning out of the cage – Sunday’s chore and ignoring the fact that blooming Kona got stuck under the shed after escaping and I couldn’t get her out!

It might be more work but I think the benefit of pets surely out weighs the work. The life lessons learned are irreplaceable. They might not be a dog or cat but my daughter can’t stop telling me how lucky she is to have a pet. Just that makes the extra work worth it!


What do you think?

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