Crawl back into your holes you creepy slimy football fans!

I don’t understand them. These strange football fanatics fans. Today was the FA cup semi finals at Wembley. I work in Stanmore not too far away and on the same tube line.

By the time I arrived at work at 9am there was queue outside the local pub.

I’m not really sure when it became acceptable to start drinking alcohol by 8:45 in the morning.

Or when it became acceptable to drop your food and drink containers where you stand.

Or spit on the ground.

Or shout and yell cuss words out loud in public.

Or harass ladies walking past and trying to cop a feel.

To have your butt or belly hanging out in public, or both!

Or race at about 90-100 (estimated guess by how quickly they went past me) whilst cutting in and out of traffic along the M1. I saw nearly 2 accidents on the 15 minute ride home.

Today I’ve seen 2 stupid clearly under the weather men be carted off by the coppers for fighting in traffic – at 10:30am!

I’ve seen dad’s out spending the day with their kids which I like.

I’ve seen those same dad’s sitting in pubs downing drinks with their 5, 6 or 7 year olds sitting next to them; which I don’t like.

I just don’t understand them. I don’t understand the absolute fanaticism. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think there is anything wrong with being an enthusiastic supporter of a sporting team.  I do have a bit of an issue when it becomes their passion in life.

Surely there are so many more things to be passionate about.  Things you can actually contribute to and have a say in and be a part of without having to just watch. Work and family, friends and hobbies.

And how classy do you think you look in your polyester brightly coloured striped clothes. With your filly scarves hanging out your car and flags on the windows.

I don’t understand you, I don’t really understand your behaviour and even more I don’t like it. So please crawl back into whatever little hole you crawled out of, and if you want to come out again come out with some manners and grow up!!

OK rant over! Sorry to all you supporters; I’m sure you’re not all like the rank characters I encountered today and actually know how to behave in public!


6 thoughts on “Crawl back into your holes you creepy slimy football fans!

  1. Agree with every single word. It’s when you see the footballers spitting, swearing, cheating with anything that has a pulse that really gets me too, no wonder the fans have no manners!
    Can you tell you don’t like football?!

  2. Actually Daddy is passionate about his footie, but he says this is entirely fair.
    Oh and if you all hate Norwich clap your hands!

    • Ah thanks, actually daddy! Hubs thought I was a little harsh but seriously there is passion and then there is fanatisism!
      Clapping for you.. not sure who Norwich is tho… apparently I’m by default a Man U supporter so suppose it’s OK!

  3. I blogged about football and rugby fans during the Rugby 6 Nations. The difference in the fans of the two games is incredible! You would never see football fans sitting with the opposite team’s fans like in Rugby. Or see rugby fans behaving like the football fans – as in the hatred, swearing, racism etc. (I could go on and on…!) is quite disturbing.

    • It’s strange and just another cultural thing I’m having issues adjusting to! Not sure I’ll ever find it acceptable tho! I’ll be off now to search out your post! xx

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