2x tantruming tantrumers!!

We’ve hit the tantrum phase. The terrible 2’s as they’re sometimes called… I don’t particularly the phrase but it’s apt at times these days. But it’s not just the 2 year old; the 1 year old seems to be winning in these stakes.

Jenna was the same and was more difficult and shouty and tantrumy from age 1 to 2 than she was after… and her sister is following in her footsteps!!  Carter has hit it spot on… he turned 2 and the tantrums started in earnest.

A couple of months ago I was saying how much easier life has been getting. The kids are all sleeping well, Tamsin was starting to feed herself and the bottle phase was nearly done!

Now; I’m not so sure… a 1 year old and a 2 year old hitting the tantrum stage at the same time = frustrating and annoying times. Made even more difficult when you have people staying and you want them to be on best behaviour. And in typical grandparent fashion they don’t like the shouting and screaming and prefer to pacify! I don’t blame them, I’d be the same!

I do the ignore tactic. Turn around and give no attention. When they start calming down it’s return and give love and cuddles. If they come over then it’s pick up, if they scream again then it’s back down. The whole reinforce and praise the positive and not rewarding the negative.

But trying not to laugh when the baby throws herself on the floor, kicking and screaming, looking over her little shoulder to gauge the reaction is tough sometimes. She’s a true stropper! And she has staying power… and only comes at one volume – LOUD!

So who’s got some advise?? Or a spare glass on wine… I think I need it!


4 thoughts on “2x tantruming tantrumers!!

  1. Bob is only 10 months and she’s already throwing so many tantrums that it’s given me enough material for a weekly post. Terrible Twosday. ;0) My main worry is that this could carry on until they are 18!!! Trying not to laugh is so hard!!! I think that wine is the way forward!!!

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