Sleep time debate.

We have an ongoing argument discussion in our house about what time is reasonable to go to bed in this house.  Not between the kids and us but between the hubby and I.

Now I love staying up late but with work and getting up to the kids if they wake up together with 6am wake up’s I just need a little more! Hubby on the other hand gets his second wind about 10pm and can easily stay up until 12pm or 1am.  Come the next morning though getting him out of bed can be a mission. And he doesn’t get up to the kids at night.

We like to go to bed together, it gives us time to talk and spend some quality time together without technology!

Now here’s my question??????

Am I being a sad old maid wanting to go to be early?


One thought on “Sleep time debate.

  1. no, definitely not! especially with such little tots interrupting your sleep. more sleep makes for happier people. I also get a second wind later on, but am then exhausted the next day, and hence not as nice a person as I would like to be! Sleep is good for you! Get as much as you can! 🙂

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