We are so lucky to have supportive and lovely family – both near and far.

But family comes in different forms and today spent it celebrating the littlest member of our family with our family – both biological and adopted (church and friends). Our precious, cheeky and lovely little gift. Our precocious and perfect little surprise baby.


We spent it with family and friends. Good and lovely friends. People who love our little girl. Maybe not as much as we do but in large quantities. People who have pledged to support her, guide her and uplift her as she grows up.

Family and friends who have been there through it all, still love us and want to be there for more.

How incredibly blessed are we to have nearly 80 people who want to be there to share in our Tamsin Jayne’s life!!

Thank you to everyone who helped, the family and the friends who cooked and helped clear up and dish up! We love you guys and thank God to have you there to share life with us!!

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