A pee pee on the potty!

It’s official.  We’ve started potty training.

Carter recently turned 2 and last week whilst the weather was brilliant and they were out playing in his swimming trunks he asked to use the toilet – 3 x in one day. And he actually did it!

So today, we’re nappyless. Underpants on, or jockolocks (as Jenna calls them).  We have bribery stored in the fridge for if when he decides he doesn’t feel like it anymore.

Jenna was pretty straight forward and within a week knew what to do and what was expected. That was nearly 2 years ago now. We still occasionally have a dribble or even more lovely skid mark but generally she was pretty good. She also been night time trained for over a year now – that was her decision and we have literally only had a handful of wet beds.

Do you have any tips on boy potty training – cause the whole little wibbly wobbly willy kind of freaks me out!

Walkie or talkie??

I have this gorgeous little girl.  She’s just over 13 months now. Just before her 1st birthday she took her first steps – 4 of them.

Since then she’s done it a few time but outright refuses to cooperate when we encourage her to do it. She shakes her head at us, shouts no and sits down.  If you try to lift her up and put her in standing position she just keeps her legs at the same sitting down angle and will not put them down! She can stand unsupported and get to standing position in the middle of a room but darn it she just won’t move those rolly little legs! She’s a stubborn little blighter this daughter of mine. She knows her own mind – which will be a good thing; once she’s a little older!

As a mother I get frustrated by her lack of confidence and unwillingness to do what I want her to do – yes I do know I can’t control the world, but I’d like to be able to control my children. It doesn’t happen but this is my blog and I can dream.

I do love that the fact that isn’t yet walking has allowed her to develope in other areas. Her speak is coming along brilliantly and she is quickly catching up to her much more physical brother who is a year older and doesn’t talk that much.

I love that her imaginative play is developing with feeding dolls and playing with pretend food. She loves sitting with puzzles and trying to draw which is just too cute but oh so frustating for her.

So my dearest, smallest gorgeous little girl I’d love you to walk, but I’m loving  seeing you learn to do other things and you know what maybe you staying my baby a little longer is a good thing – keep those ruddy baby hormones in check!!!

Do you see your support?

I recently spoke to a lady who found herself in a similar situation to myself.

Her daughter is 2 weeks older than Carter (2yo) and her youngest is 2 weeks older than Tamsin (1yo).  She too fell pregnant again when her baby was less than  3 months old. For her it too was a shock.

Like me she spent most of the surprise pregnancy trying to catch up with her emotions and cope with having an infant and being pregnant with all the hormones that go along with that!

A month or 2 after giving birth her little surprise gift she felt unable to cope and deal with what was thrown at her.  She couldn’t understand why as a very capable manager of staff she was unable to cope with life with 2 children a year apart.

Talking to her about her post natal depression was so interesting to me, especially with our surprise babies a year apart. It did make me think “that could’ve been me”.  It’s not me but could it have been. And then she said something that made me realise why we’re different and why that wasn’t me.

She said “I didn’t realise what a strong support system I had, I didn’t want to admit it and thought I could do it by myself.”

I felt incredibly sad.  Why is it that we need to go through these tough times before we realise what we have.  Why do we feel that we need to do it all ourselves. We don’t live in a bubble. We live in community, or we should.  That’s how we were created to be. Together with others, sharing and helping and being helped.

There have been times over the last year where I have felt overwhelmed by everything. Trying to juggle and do the best for everyone!

This lady and I we might have a lot in common, her feeling and emotions might have resonated in me but I’ve always known that there were people to support me.  Sometimes more people than I let support me.

Let’s not get the point where it gets bad lets live in community, lets let others in and admit when we need some help and support.

Little eyes and big minds.

Sitting around the breakfast table this morning m 3yo says: “Mom you know if you’ve got curly hair all you need to do is use Pantene and it’ll make it all straight and shiny”.

I was a little dumbstruck as this is not something we were talking about and we do not use Pantene either and I just couldn’t work out where it had come from pre 8am in the morning and obviously pre-TV time too.

I few minutes later I looked down and there was a magazine with a photo of Pantene bottle on it.

It really got me thinking how much even the adverts between programs influence our kids.  So often we worry about the content of the program and forget about the stuff that goes on in between.  I really hate all the toy adverts on the kids channels along with the silly sparkly toy included girls shoes. Really do you have to put the most expensive things on – smart marketing I know but really don’t make a parent’s life easier!

Recently Jenna has also seen a flag and piped up with the “Go green flag” slogan and often I catch her singing the most annoying advert in the words song – Go Compare. These are all relatively “innocent” ad’s but there are others I see and think is that really appropriate for my small children to be watching.

I know we can’t control every single thing that they see and to tell you the truth I wouldn’t want to.  I want well-rounded children who are able to cope with the world and know how to handle situations and things they see which may not be in the moral code you are trying to teach and instill in them.

Saying that I don’t want them to see things that they aren’t ready to deal with and don’t know how to process. Which is generally why if they are watching TV and it’s not pre-recorded on Sky+ and vetted; I watch with them.

They are just such sponges and their memory is just unparalleled! Sometimes dealing with all of it just leaves me a little daunted but I have to keep trusting that I am doing the best I can and as much as I can.

How do you keep a handle on what your kids are exposed to by the media?

Cheese and veg muffins

Now I can’t remember where I originally got this recipe from but I’ve had it for nearly 4 years on a piece of paper and it’s great! It might have been from one of those supermarket booklets!

Really really easy and makes a great take out lunch for the kids who don’t seem to even notice the veggies in it!

3-4 broccoli florets

1 leek or small onion or a couple of spring onions

6-8 cherry tomatoes – deseeded and chopped

100g mature cheese

225g self raising flour

175ml milk

1 egg

55ml olive oil

Steam or grate the veg mix and add to flour and cheese.

Add wet ingredients until a thick lumpy batter.

Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Serve warm with lashings of butter and it’s delicious.

You can exchange the veg so easiely, add courgettes or peppers or whatever you happen to have lying in the fridge or growing in the veg patch. If you are going to use veg with lots of water sweat them out first in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then add them or else it will make them a bit wet!

The kids had them for lunch today and can’t get enough! They also freeze pretty well so do a double batch and make life easier in the long run!

Gotta get those 5 a day in and if you can do it without a fight so much the better!

Bra’s, boobs and bucks!

This is a rant. This is a rant about bra’s and boobs, so if you’re a man or family member who doesn’t want to know then turn around and click on the X button!!!

It’s now a year since Tamsin has been born and 6 months since I gave up on the breast-feeding malarkey! And these poor boobies have been through the mill. 3 pregnancies and breast-feeding episodes in the last 4 years have done their damage. They have grown and shrunk and grown and shrunk and drooped and changed shape so many times that buying a bra has been pretty much impossible!

Am now that I’m finally ready to get the girls back into the place they belong on my chest I’m stuck. My size has increased, permanently it now seems, and they weren’t little girls to start with! I now can no longer buy bra’s at a normal shop like normal people. The easiest place it seems to online as it actually has a choice of colours and shapes and designs!

But the flipping things are so darn expensive. Each bra costing in excess of £30 at a good price. So kitting out the ladies is going to cost at least a £100. Next problem; where the hell do I find that kind of money lying around in the budget? And even more so they don’t last. These poor bra’s have to work hard to lift and tuck and support and they pay the cost. Their wires come out and they fall apart and not years down the line months or weeks down the line!

So you big boobied ladies who has tips on where to get good supportive and ATTRACTIVE bra’s (cause there are some nasty looking ones out there for us aren’t there!!!!)?

Help please, the girls need some love and support!!!

Reflections – See it snap it love it

I decided to link up again this week with Dear Beautiful Boy and See it snap it love it.  I love trawling through our old photo’s and this is a great excuse to do so! Especially as I totally forgot about wanting link up again and take a new photo for it!

You can just hear his thoughts in this picture “who’s that beautiful guy in the window? Come here, give us a kiss”.

You wanna see some real talent then click on the link below!

Fussed about the dust!

This house is always a mess. No matter how often I tidy and pack things away there is always a list of things still to done.

I tried cleaning as I go and it doesn’t work.

Now that I am back at work 20 hours a week it makes keeping on top of it all is just impossible, especially with the 3 kids to look after and a life to have besides!

So after spotting some cleaning rota’s on pinterest I decided to draw up one that fits around our life!! So thing that the OH can look at and know to do his share whilst he’s at home and I’m at work – now I’m not saying it always works but at least it sets the expectations in place!

We did it for nearly 2 months prior to the visitors coming and the holiday and I have to say it really did make life so much easier and my house look so much cleaner.

The thought behind it is that if we I deep clean one room a day the house should always look and feel pretty clean and tidy.  Another reason why I think it’s so important is that with all 3 of the kids having eczema keeping the dust under control is pretty important!

So here it is. Along with it is the rule never to leave a room empty handed, always take something to put away as you walk from room to room.






  • 2x load of washing
  • Clean Kitchen thoroughly – clean sink, wipe down all counters, wipe down table, doors and fridge.
  • Hoover downstairs – under sofa.



  • 1x load of washing
  • Clean both bathrooms – floors, toilets, tiles, sink and mirrors. Pack and tidy all toiletries.




  • 1x load of washing
  • Clean lounge and hallway – wipe up the stairs and skirtings, dust counters, clean tv.



  • 2x load of washing
  • Clean kids rooms – tidy all toys away, empty bins, wipe all counters, make beds.
  • Hoover upstairs


  • Strip beds or wash all towels
  • Clean our room – side tables, drawers and general tidy


·        Clean the Guinea Pig cage out

OK, so now  I want your tips.  How do you keep your house in tip top tidy state?

Ignore the stupid table below it just won’t go!!!!!


Caption day again!!

I have finally been organised enough to get a photo ready for captioning this week! I feel I’ve been missing out for the past few weeks months!

So as a reminder… go down to the comments section and leave some witty or intelligent caption! What do you think Tamsin thinks of her first visit to the beach?

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