Pinaddicts challenge 3!

This month’s challenge has been a bit of a rush job I’m afraid!! We’ve just been so outrageously busy with visitors and birthdays and dedications and holidays that the blog and the challenge got lost in the madness!

I have to admit to a little cheating on this one… My sister was throwing out a load of old clothes a while ago and I found this brandnew skirt she was chucking and decided I couldn’t let her do it; I mean it still had the tags attached! It was an A line skirt and I had the idea it would make a good dress for Jenna. So I started chopping it – this was about 2-3 months ago and I got as far as removing a panel and then it sat…

So a little searching on Pinterest found me what I was looking for and after getting a general idea of what I was doing from a variety of different pins here is the finished product!!

What a mission to get this model to stand still and cooperate!

She loves it though and can’t wait to wear it to a party this afternoon – in the rain of course…sigh… girls!!!

The lovely but Butwhymummywhy is hosting this month so pop on over and link up and see some more slightly more impressive challenges!!

If you don’t have a blog pop on over to the Facebook page and link up that way!

I can’t wait to see what everyone has done this month!!


10 thoughts on “Pinaddicts challenge 3!

    • It was really really simple!! I’m a sewing simpleton and I managed to get it mostly right! I’ve got another one I want to make – I’ll try do it with instructions!

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