Stuff and all that stuff.

I don’t know about you but every now and again I get a bit of a bee in my bonnet and need to start clearing out the “stuff” that is taking over the house.  I wish my house could look like those magazines. You know the ones, the ones with clean surfaces and neatly displayed accessories on sparkling shelves. My reality though is very different, half cut pieces of paper, empty cups of coffee, papers and pens, hair bands with clips and grips and nail clippers take over the surfaces and add to the general untidyness of the place.

And that’s just the surfaces lets not talk about the over flow of toys under the stairs and in the bedrooms. Or the clothes spilling out of the drawers and cupboards. Or the store room that is packed to the rafters with old baby stuff kept in waiting for the ever elusive niece or nephew! Or the heater cupboard crammed full of towels, toilet paper and swimming stuff!

Getting back from holiday and saying a sad goodbye to our visitors has kicked started my decluttering battery!  We moved the boy back into his own room today so all his clothes were sorted and every thing made for under the age of 1 was eventually packed away (he is now 2!).  The spare double bed was broken down and shoved back into the storage cupboard and I managed to chuck out a mahuuuusive bag of stuff!

The heater cupboard has been tidied and bathroom stripped!

I tell you it’s a good feeling. A lighter feeling. I just wish I had more time to do it properly. And continuously.

It’s when you stop that the “stuff” gets out of hand. It’s not about the stuff though. I really don’t need so many things, neither do the kids.  It’s just stuff at the end of the day and it doesn’t last. And you know what the more stuff they have the less stuff they play with.  The dirtier and dustier my house gets.

Do you have any tips for keeping the house free of clutter and “stuff”??


What do you think?

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