Allocation confusion!

I really don’t understand the whole school allocation system here! It’s just so blooming complicated!

It’s online which I do like but it’s not the most user-friendly system but workable, but I just wish there was  as actual person to speak to about it all and not just the whole automated email system.

Needless to say we didn’t get our first choice. We wrote a motivational e-mail as to why we wanted that particular school and it was read (we have the read receipt) and then we got a letter saying they never heard from us and basically that it was too late as places had been allocated.

After not getting our first choice we queried them getting the letter and we were told it wouldn’t have made any difference as they didn’t have time to read them as there were too many applications *abbreviated version obviously*. So what was the point!

After speaking to someone who knows; or i thought knew, we were told to just wait until the continued interest places were allocated before accepting a place. On getting home from holiday; with no internet access; I found out we did need to accept the place in our 2nd choice and would remain on the continued interest list.  So deadline missed online, we’re attempting to do it by post this week!

Such a lot of drama, and waiting, and then waiting again. I mean we submitted the form in December!!!

Also I can’t understand why there are different nursery and reception intakes.  Surely if you put your child in the school nursery you want them to continue to reception. And why would you want to interrupt their schooling and unsettle them again if you don’t get in.

It’s just rubbish and a lot confusing for this poor first time schooling in the UK South African mom!!!

Help if you can!!! We’re gutted that she might not get her first choice but oh well we’ll just have to roll with the punches!


One thought on “Allocation confusion!

  1. The problem with Croxley is that many people choose to keep their children at Morris Minors/StOswald’s/New Road Preschools instead of sending them to the School Nurseries. Then it causes problems, as the schools have to take children from further afield to fill the Nursery places and then do not have the space in Reception for them.

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