Fussed about the dust!

This house is always a mess. No matter how often I tidy and pack things away there is always a list of things still to done.

I tried cleaning as I go and it doesn’t work.

Now that I am back at work 20 hours a week it makes keeping on top of it all is just impossible, especially with the 3 kids to look after and a life to have besides!

So after spotting some cleaning rota’s on pinterest I decided to draw up one that fits around our life!! So thing that the OH can look at and know to do his share whilst he’s at home and I’m at work – now I’m not saying it always works but at least it sets the expectations in place!

We did it for nearly 2 months prior to the visitors coming and the holiday and I have to say it really did make life so much easier and my house look so much cleaner.

The thought behind it is that if we I deep clean one room a day the house should always look and feel pretty clean and tidy.  Another reason why I think it’s so important is that with all 3 of the kids having eczema keeping the dust under control is pretty important!

So here it is. Along with it is the rule never to leave a room empty handed, always take something to put away as you walk from room to room.






  • 2x load of washing
  • Clean Kitchen thoroughly – clean sink, wipe down all counters, wipe down table, doors and fridge.
  • Hoover downstairs – under sofa.



  • 1x load of washing
  • Clean both bathrooms – floors, toilets, tiles, sink and mirrors. Pack and tidy all toiletries.




  • 1x load of washing
  • Clean lounge and hallway – wipe up the stairs and skirtings, dust counters, clean tv.



  • 2x load of washing
  • Clean kids rooms – tidy all toys away, empty bins, wipe all counters, make beds.
  • Hoover upstairs


  • Strip beds or wash all towels
  • Clean our room – side tables, drawers and general tidy


·        Clean the Guinea Pig cage out

OK, so now  I want your tips.  How do you keep your house in tip top tidy state?

Ignore the stupid table below it just won’t go!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Fussed about the dust!

  1. Oh you should see the state of our house at the moment, its disgusting! I hate looking at it, but I have been feeling so rough recently that nothing much is getting done, and with an active toddler empting toys everywhere and getting clothes constantly dirty the list of jobs keeps adding. I think I might try and do a table once I start getting better. As for tips…umm, just try not to let it get too bad. If I think one evening oh I will do that tomorrow it usually makes the job harder/worse to clean the next day!

    • Sorry to hear you’re feeling rubbish! It is really hard to keep everything presentable, especially with 3 kids under 4 messing it up again!
      Definitely procrastination doesn’t help!
      Hope you’re feeling better soon! x

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