Cheese and veg muffins

Now I can’t remember where I originally got this recipe from but I’ve had it for nearly 4 years on a piece of paper and it’s great! It might have been from one of those supermarket booklets!

Really really easy and makes a great take out lunch for the kids who don’t seem to even notice the veggies in it!

3-4 broccoli florets

1 leek or small onion or a couple of spring onions

6-8 cherry tomatoes – deseeded and chopped

100g mature cheese

225g self raising flour

175ml milk

1 egg

55ml olive oil

Steam or grate the veg mix and add to flour and cheese.

Add wet ingredients until a thick lumpy batter.

Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Serve warm with lashings of butter and it’s delicious.

You can exchange the veg so easiely, add courgettes or peppers or whatever you happen to have lying in the fridge or growing in the veg patch. If you are going to use veg with lots of water sweat them out first in the microwave for a couple of minutes and then add them or else it will make them a bit wet!

The kids had them for lunch today and can’t get enough! They also freeze pretty well so do a double batch and make life easier in the long run!

Gotta get those 5 a day in and if you can do it without a fight so much the better!


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