Little eyes and big minds.

Sitting around the breakfast table this morning m 3yo says: “Mom you know if you’ve got curly hair all you need to do is use Pantene and it’ll make it all straight and shiny”.

I was a little dumbstruck as this is not something we were talking about and we do not use Pantene either and I just couldn’t work out where it had come from pre 8am in the morning and obviously pre-TV time too.

I few minutes later I looked down and there was a magazine with a photo of Pantene bottle on it.

It really got me thinking how much even the adverts between programs influence our kids.  So often we worry about the content of the program and forget about the stuff that goes on in between.  I really hate all the toy adverts on the kids channels along with the silly sparkly toy included girls shoes. Really do you have to put the most expensive things on – smart marketing I know but really don’t make a parent’s life easier!

Recently Jenna has also seen a flag and piped up with the “Go green flag” slogan and often I catch her singing the most annoying advert in the words song – Go Compare. These are all relatively “innocent” ad’s but there are others I see and think is that really appropriate for my small children to be watching.

I know we can’t control every single thing that they see and to tell you the truth I wouldn’t want to.  I want well-rounded children who are able to cope with the world and know how to handle situations and things they see which may not be in the moral code you are trying to teach and instill in them.

Saying that I don’t want them to see things that they aren’t ready to deal with and don’t know how to process. Which is generally why if they are watching TV and it’s not pre-recorded on Sky+ and vetted; I watch with them.

They are just such sponges and their memory is just unparalleled! Sometimes dealing with all of it just leaves me a little daunted but I have to keep trusting that I am doing the best I can and as much as I can.

How do you keep a handle on what your kids are exposed to by the media?


One thought on “Little eyes and big minds.

  1. Thank you for the delightful and true message, that will I know encourage all young MUM’s

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