Do you see your support?

I recently spoke to a lady who found herself in a similar situation to myself.

Her daughter is 2 weeks older than Carter (2yo) and her youngest is 2 weeks older than Tamsin (1yo).  She too fell pregnant again when her baby was less than  3 months old. For her it too was a shock.

Like me she spent most of the surprise pregnancy trying to catch up with her emotions and cope with having an infant and being pregnant with all the hormones that go along with that!

A month or 2 after giving birth her little surprise gift she felt unable to cope and deal with what was thrown at her.  She couldn’t understand why as a very capable manager of staff she was unable to cope with life with 2 children a year apart.

Talking to her about her post natal depression was so interesting to me, especially with our surprise babies a year apart. It did make me think “that could’ve been me”.  It’s not me but could it have been. And then she said something that made me realise why we’re different and why that wasn’t me.

She said “I didn’t realise what a strong support system I had, I didn’t want to admit it and thought I could do it by myself.”

I felt incredibly sad.  Why is it that we need to go through these tough times before we realise what we have.  Why do we feel that we need to do it all ourselves. We don’t live in a bubble. We live in community, or we should.  That’s how we were created to be. Together with others, sharing and helping and being helped.

There have been times over the last year where I have felt overwhelmed by everything. Trying to juggle and do the best for everyone!

This lady and I we might have a lot in common, her feeling and emotions might have resonated in me but I’ve always known that there were people to support me.  Sometimes more people than I let support me.

Let’s not get the point where it gets bad lets live in community, lets let others in and admit when we need some help and support.


3 thoughts on “Do you see your support?

  1. love you my special lady……but thats it…your special…I wonder if you lady had higher powers to help her…? that could be the key….

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