A pee pee on the potty!

It’s official.  We’ve started potty training.

Carter recently turned 2 and last week whilst the weather was brilliant and they were out playing in his swimming trunks he asked to use the toilet – 3 x in one day. And he actually did it!

So today, we’re nappyless. Underpants on, or jockolocks (as Jenna calls them).  We have bribery stored in the fridge for if when he decides he doesn’t feel like it anymore.

Jenna was pretty straight forward and within a week knew what to do and what was expected. That was nearly 2 years ago now. We still occasionally have a dribble or even more lovely skid mark but generally she was pretty good. She also been night time trained for over a year now – that was her decision and we have literally only had a handful of wet beds.

Do you have any tips on boy potty training – cause the whole little wibbly wobbly willy kind of freaks me out!

2 thoughts on “A pee pee on the potty!

  1. Well done Carter, what a big boy, and clever too, to tell Mummy when you need that special potty. Make sure you get the treats in the fridge. Love you, from Gran-gran.

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