Home grown just tastes better…

There”s this little patch at the bottom of my garden that my husband built for me, and I love it.  It’s a space to show the kids where their food comes from and supplement our fruit and veg!

And it’s time to start harvesting…

We love it.  Even though the cats this year have caused havoc digging up my seedlings  and the snails and slugs have been out in their army’s chewing up everything in sight… I think I need to invest in some copper tape!

Do you have a little  veggie patch… what’s your favorite and easiest thing to grow?

Sunhat attempt 1!

I love sewing but I’m not very good. But I decided to be brave! The girls have outgrown their sunhats and ever optimistically I decided to try and make them some new ones from some material I was recently given!

It didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted but it serves it’s purpose I suppose… next one I’m off to Pinterest to get some tips!

It was pretty easy though (double circle and 2 bands) so and fun to make so not a waste of time! And just in time for the last few days of sunshine we’ve had!

Anyone else get impatient and impulsive and just wing it? Mmmm… maybe that’s why I have so many half done projects!

Generous gets as generous gives.

I am constantly reminded in the little ways that the more you give (to people, places, work and finances) the more you seem to get in return.

It’s a well know known fact that the more you put into a relationships with people the better it will be and the more you will get from it. Doesn’t this hold true for all relationships though.

It reminded me of a situation we had not to long ago. We’ve got this car, it’s our second car, and it’s a bit dodgy.  The engine lights been on for about 2 years on and off but no specific cause can be found for it. As it’s the second car it also tends to be left on the side line and no be top of the priority list when it comes to services and general care.  But in the last 2 weeks it’s started fighting back, wanting to be noticed and needing a little love! We now think the catalytic converter needs replacing; *GULP* which is estimated to cost us alot!

It’s one of those big expenses… which have no money allocated to them!

Last week we decided it’s time to start giving formally to our church (we’d taken a short break whilst I was on maternity leave).  Not quite sure where exactly it was going to fit into the budget we did it anyway. 2 days later there was a surprise deposit into our account from HMRC for back payed funds. Enough to cover the car with a little extra to possibly finally (nearly 4 years later) get some curtains for the lounge!!!

Just another reminder that when we are faithfully generous in our lives that generosity seems to multiply and come back to us!

Just this week something we have been searching for on E-bay for the last 2 months for was offered to us – for free! God knows our needs we just need to trust in Him and his goodness!

What can you do to be generous today… in your time, your skills, your money or your friendships????

Party like it’s your birthday – your 4th birthday!

It was a special little girls birthday this weekend and we had great fun in the wind and occasional rainy spells celebrating her and how blessed we are to have her in our lives!

Kids parties are the worst best aren’t they!

Thank goodness for gazebos’ and aunty’s that help get everything set up!

Mmmm… sugar and mini butterfly cake decorating… thank goodness I get to send most of them home!

Facepainting, tattoo’s, masks, party bags and bbq’ed sausages… it was all going on! With lots of crisps going in apparently too!!

She loved her party! They all did, our next door neighbour even copied the idea for a party 3 days later, sign of success… maybe or maybe it was the 3 knackered children that passed out before their heads hit the pillows!

Happy 4th birthday my big girl baby!

A day for dad

This year fathers day was on Jenna-May’s 4th birthday, which made logistics a little more difficult for mom. Especially when the 2 wanted different breakfasts all before church!

Our children as so lucky to have a dad who loves them so much and wants so much for them.  A dad who works hard to give them all the things they need. Who loves them so much he gets upset and sheds a tear when he’s too hard on them and loses it.

A dad who loves to laugh, giggle and tickle with them. A dad who loves to talk, a lot. And especially loves to talk with them.

A dad who is so alike his eldest daughter that seeing them fight is a giggle in itself. Who are both as stubborn as each other,but who love each other more than anything.

This morning we sat in bed and opened a lot of presents together.

One of them was this little sign…

And it’s funny but it’s also true.. he is part of the reason why we have (in our opinion at least) such funny, confident, entertaining, smart and loving children.

So happy fathers day my love, we are all so lucky to have you in our lives!  xxx

Pinaddicts June Winner

So here it is the winner from this month challenge!! And even though her name was chosen totally randomly she is truly a worthy winner! And it is…

Littleflowerbaby’s Blog.

She made this fabulous book holder which I think is pretty ingenious!

So head on over and see more of her fabulous stuff and what she is getting up to! She has won a £50 Abakhan voucher which has so really really lovely stuff on over so check it out!

Congratulations from all of us #Pinaddicts and thank you to everyone who linked up or visited to see what we were up to!

Birthday bike

We are very fortunate to have some lovely friends with 2 slightly older children who pass on some lovely stuff to us! The latest batch included some bikes.

As an early partly birthday present we invested in some training wheels and shined it on up. Oh man was she excited.

We spent a couple of hours in the parking lot in our cul de sac practicing and perfecting the art of cycling. “Practice makes perfect” she said. And she’s been true to her word pestering us at every opportunity to get out the bike even riding up and down the hall way!

And of course the other 2 couldn’t miss out on the fun!

Hip hip hooray!

Today is my big girls 4th birthday.

Tonight as a bedtime story I told her about the day we first met her (editted version obviously!!). She was absolutely facinated and couldn’t get her head around the fact that at one point there was only 1 child in our house.  I got to the point in the story when I told her I met my baby and she finished the sentence with “Carter, Tamsin and Me!” 

She is such a feisty, independent, funny and bright little girl.  She has always known her own mind and she wants out of life. Which may be tough now but I hope will help her as she gets older and faces more pressure from her friends socially.

Sometimes in the midst of life and chaos and busyness I forget what an absolute privilege it is to be a parent especially to this little girl who teaches us so much everyday about enjoying life to the limit, laughing with your whole body and seeing everything with fresh new and enthusiastic eyes!

We sang a song today which really hit home… It’s an old one but the words are so true,

Blessed Be Your Name
In the land that is plentiful
Where Your streams of abundance flow
Blessed be Your name

Blessed Be Your name
When I’m found in the desert place
Though I walk through the wilderness
Blessed Be Your name

Every blessing You pour out
I’ll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in, Lord
Still I will say

Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be Your glorious name

Blessed be Your name
When the sun’s shining down on me
When the world’s ‘all as it should be’
Blessed be Your name

I wish I could always remember this, even when times aren’t as good as they have been this weekend celebrating the life of my special girl. Is there anything more humbling to celebrating a life that you had a part in creating. 

May I always remember where all my many blessings came from and use them to glorify Him.

Have a listen here… if you wish