Jubilee – to celebrate or not?

Jubilee fever is really gripping the UK at the moment. I’ve been a little indifferent to it.  I mean I like the whole royal thing and think they do a superb job under such extreme pressure but I was not brought up to celebrate them. As a South African we learn about them at school and saw them occasionally on TV but I really did not get how big they are here.

We have 4 jubilee events – 2 belonging to the kids. And it’s posed a bit of a conundrum for me.  I have lived here for 6 years now, all 3 of my children were born here but I don’t feel British. The South African in me would still choose the sunshiny weather over the cold, choose a great big steak over a piece of salmon and boerewors over porkers! BUT… and here is the conundrum… my children are British. It’s all they have ever known.

When getting Jenna dressed for her school party on Friday in her red, white and blue outfit I had a moment of “what the heck am I doing”, “should I be encouraging this”, “what does this mean”??????

I don’t know but sorting through a packet of clothes we were given recently I came across an England shirt. I jokingly suggested Carter wear it to our Explore Church Jubilee party, his surprising response was “why not”.  I’ve been thinking about it ever since. 

“Why not”.  Why not support the country you live in and is your home. Why not let them celebrate THEIR heritage.  We love to celebrate ours. But I’m starting to realise ours might not be theirs, and that needs to be OK.  Yes they’re part Saffa and they’ll never be allowed to forget that with us around. But their life is here, for now. All they know is British. And it’s been good to them, and to us so why not allow them to celebrate it. 

So tomorrow we’ll all be wearing the right colours and celebrating a wonderful old lady who has served her country for a lifetime. Jenna will continue to sleep with her new teddy Queen Lizzy (given by her playgroup), talk about marrying a prince and educating us about all things British (Union Jacks and Prince Phillip – who’s married to the Queen mommy didn’t you know!).

How you deal with having children as an “expat” and them naturalising to that culture?


One thought on “Jubilee – to celebrate or not?

  1. well written my love!! food for thought….but i wonder if a lotto win would change this britishness…..its all up to God!!

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