Potty training 1 week on!

It’s been a week since we started potty training with the little monster. He’s 26 months now and last week we decided to brace ourselves and go for it! Read about it here.

So how has the week gone?  Well pretty good mostly. Seeing as we started without the prepping and build up stage he has got the hang of it really quickly.  He does refuse to use the potty and only wants to use the toilet (we have the seats with the built in toddler seat – best buy ever) which is very much like  how Jenna was when potty training.

Typically though he lost motivation about 2 days in and the Cadbury buttons were broken out! 1 for a week 2 for a poo – it works! Although Jenna now nearly 4 also wants for doing her wee’s on the toilet.

The poor childminder had a bad day though with no successes – this was day 3 into it and the buttons had been forgotten!! Guilty mom!

But… we have now had 2 totally clean and dry days out of 7 and spent 1 whole afternoon out at a jubilee party successfully going to the toilet on an adult toilet!

Fingers crossed it continues. I was all set to have a hard time potty training a boy but so far I think we are having an OK time! I am so proud of my clever big boy, he even got into the spirit with some Jubilee Jocks…


3 thoughts on “Potty training 1 week on!

    • Oh dear, have you tried doing putting the potty infront of TV or getting a special book or toy he can only have when sitting on the potty? They all go through their “times” but get there eventually! Keep me updated and good luck! x

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