1 year ago…

If you’re a mom with a few children, especially if they are close together you may have been told; as I have been lately, “I don’t know how you do it?”. Neither do I but that’s besides the point!

It got me thinking this morning about my life a year ago… 1 year ago I had a 14 mo, 2mo and a nearly 3 yo.

1 year ago a simple task of putting 3 children into a car was a mission… carry 1 child to car in car seat and 1 child to car and hold ones hand.  Open door, put down car seat and a lift 1yo  into car and strap in.  Help 2yo into car and strap in. Lift car seat into car and click into position.  Doing the opposite way was just as tough… sometimes worse when they were all sleeping… carry 1 upstairs, fetch next one back upstairs, fetch 3rd one and up more stairs – you would have thought I would be skinny with all that!

Now it’s much easier – only 1 to carry and 2 walk and climb in themselves and 1 can nearly clip herself in too!

1 year ago feeding 3 children was a nightmare at times… 1 with food that needed chopping up, one needing feeding and another on the boob or bottle! Many bibs and wet wipes and muslins (life savers) were needed!

Now… 2 out of 3 always feed themselves. Tamsin does about 50% of the time and although wet wipes are still needed it’s a lot less messy – although the underneath of my table tells a different story!

1 year ago we had 2 full-time in nappies and 1 in night-time nappies.  No days were filled with poo. Lots of it. And we were still having the occasional accident from the 2yo.

Now… we have 1 totally dry and independent little lady and 1 that is now out of nappies in the day.  We might even be able to afford a holiday now!

Even bedtime is getting easier! In fact most of life is getting easier. There were many moments when I was expecting my lovely little surprise number 3 when I was overwhelmed by how difficult I was going to find it.  How unmanageable it was all going to be.  The truth is the reality was not nearly as bad! It’s busy, of course it is and it’s only going to get busier as they each start doing their own things but physically it’s getting easier. I actually have about 2 ounces of energy left to clean the house or start a new project or paint the kitchen!

I know they say savour and enjoy every stage and I do but I can’t help looking forward to a years time – I wonder where we will be and what the kids will be up to… I can’t wait to find out!


2 thoughts on “1 year ago…

  1. I am so grateful that you keep in touch,inspite of your busy-busy life.and i can follow the progress of those delightful children.There are more blessings ahead in the days tofollow, Love you all!

  2. The main thing is that you enjoy your children, yes they are physically tiring but keeping a sense of humour and enjoying the good moments make it all worthwhile, keep up the good work

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