A day for dad

This year fathers day was on Jenna-May’s 4th birthday, which made logistics a little more difficult for mom. Especially when the 2 wanted different breakfasts all before church!

Our children as so lucky to have a dad who loves them so much and wants so much for them.  A dad who works hard to give them all the things they need. Who loves them so much he gets upset and sheds a tear when he’s too hard on them and loses it.

A dad who loves to laugh, giggle and tickle with them. A dad who loves to talk, a lot. And especially loves to talk with them.

A dad who is so alike his eldest daughter that seeing them fight is a giggle in itself. Who are both as stubborn as each other,but who love each other more than anything.

This morning we sat in bed and opened a lot of presents together.

One of them was this little sign…

And it’s funny but it’s also true.. he is part of the reason why we have (in our opinion at least) such funny, confident, entertaining, smart and loving children.

So happy fathers day my love, we are all so lucky to have you in our lives!  xxx


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