Pirate Princess and yohoho’ing!

We were recentlyinited to a pirate themed birthday party. Of course my daughter being my daughter decided she did not want to go as a normal pirate! Thanks to Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates she wanted to go as a pirate princess!

No store bought costume would do! So mommy did some searching on the internet and came up with something of her own design!

An old shoe string top and a bit of old duvet cover and we have my pirate princess!

The boys outfit was a little easier, some old trakkie bottoms cut up at the bottom, an old red t-shirt turned into a waist coat and that was pretty much him done! He’s not all that into keeping dress up clothes on so I kept it simple! Oh and of course his favorite wellies – it’s wet on the ship!

It was such a fab party the kids has so much fun! and just more proof cheap and cheerful costumes are possible! and Jenna still loves her pirate outfit and wears it at least once a week for a bit of yohoho time!


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