Home grown just tastes better…

There”s this little patch at the bottom of my garden that my husband built for me, and I love it.  It’s a space to show the kids where their food comes from and supplement our fruit and veg!

And it’s time to start harvesting…

We love it.  Even though the cats this year have caused havoc digging up my seedlings  and the snails and slugs have been out in their army’s chewing up everything in sight… I think I need to invest in some copper tape!

Do you have a little  veggie patch… what’s your favorite and easiest thing to grow?

5 thoughts on “Home grown just tastes better…

  1. That looks pretty great! We have a couple of patches that were slabbed over when we moved in and were rescued fairly soon after that! We currently have raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, blueberries, parsnips and radish in one and mostly potatoes in the other, as well as some rhubarb and garlic. The best things in terms of yield are probably the potatoes, although we have some broad beans in a border which are doing very well. Raspberries are my absolute favourite thing to eat so they are always pretty exciting when they come out.

    • Oh wow, that sounds amazing! I wish we had more space and time to give to it but I’ve been surprised how easy and fun it is! Thanks for commenting! x

  2. You are an inspiration, hv got peas and beans germinating at the moment. Huge problem with snails and don’t like to use snail bait. Half my beetroot has been eaten

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